The three monsters: Fear, Doubt and Despondency.


Talk about fear. At some point, all of us have had it.

It’s not the problem of fear. It’s the problem of not overcoming fear. 

Fear is a disease. It can progress into a monster called coward.

Fear can make someone miss an opportunity. Fear causes retreat and procrastination; a state of delay to take action. Fear is for the coward.

Because of fear, many talents have ended up in the graves. Graves are the best hub ever of wealth that was not brought into use by those deceased.

When you fear, you invite a state of hopelessness and complexity in seeing the success side of a story. You feel comfortable not to try anything; and this is usually the opposite of any expectation under normal circumstances. 

Even while on smooth road, fear makes you see a rough road.


Whenever you doubt whether you can do something or not, then be sure that you can’t.

Never and never will you succeed if you are full of doubt. 

DOUBT kicks you OUT of the game.

Because of doubt, you sink in an ocean even when the waves are calm.

Doubt brings your parachute down in an unexplainable manner. You fall with a thud!

Instead of doubt, develop confidence. Think of possibility instead of impossibility. 


In any hopeless situation, learn to hold on positive thoughts. 

You lose focus when you become despondent. You face doom. You create room for weird resolutions.

Despondency is despair, a state of lawlessness on what best decision to hold on during night times or dark moments so to say.

Despondency is a monster. It should not dominate your life at all. Live positively, think positively and face challenges positively.

Sometimes we fail to be strong during adversity. Right. Human nature attached to this fact. But remember God’s nature as well. The best practice we require in order to drive away these three monsters is to be able to choose God’s nature over human nature and especially in adversity.

Lightning can strike, a landslide can bury millions of us, an earthquake can rock buildings even when we are inside, fire can rage and raze over a hairy forest, locusts can locate a plantation and swarm through, a disease can wipe generations…….and much more.

That’s fine. It happens. But I believe it depends on our courage. I mean the courage to live life amid circumstances. The courage to sleep in bed with enough faith that we shall wake up alive the next day.

That’s life.



Relating well with God means wisdom.



#Father of nations#

God is supreme.

No question about that. He supersedes nature. He is powerful that no man can outwit HIM.

To question God is foolishness.


A wise person prays, waits for God and appreciates what GOD does. Only a fool says God is a liar and that he doesn’t exist.

Wise people pray

To kneel and pray to God is wisdom, humility and a sign of honor to HIM.

The steps of a good man are guarded by the Lord.

When you hurt people, you hurt God as well.

God’s intention to mankind is reconciliation. He looked for ways of relating well with mankind through HIS Son Jesus Christ.

Wisdom is knowing God and doing what He wants. Wisdom is not despising God. It’s knowing and understanding that you are under authority and that you have no permission to operate on your own. Remember, he is the creator of heaven and earth. He created Man as well. 



Elegance doesn’t consist of the dress you wear. It’s not found in possessions. A well furnished house, or a good car doesn’t translate into elegance. Real elegance is in the mind. 


Not everyone likes your Prosperity..

#Not everyone loves the way you do things and succeed#.

In fact, some people may feel more envious each time you scoop an award. This has happened before. They may feel you didn’t deserve the trophy! This is practical.

When you are a strong personality, a few people may celebrate your charisma. Majority may want to oppose it, and some may even spend sleepless nights trying to water it down.

Your achievements usually remind them of their weaknesses. In other words, your strength is a reminder of their weaknesses. When you appear on stage to present a concept paper, a song, or to make your speech, they feel inferior. They dig in your presentation for mistakes to bring you down to their level. That’s the only’best’ thing they can do.

When people fight you, or hate you for no clear reason, it may mean the following;

  • That you are superior, and so you make them look inferior.
  • Your personality is great and so they need to oppose it in order for them to make it. They have no other way of competing with you.
  • Your intelligence is far greater than theirs and so they are not of your class. You belong to a higher class than them.
  • They are not and may not suit on your ‘true friends’ list.
  • Not everyone is pleased with what you do in life. Your success is their source of strife.

Not everyone celebrates when you win. Not all people around you who jump up when you succeed feel good. Don’t be surprised.

When you are a great personality, the kind of opposition that you receive every time is intense than an ordinary personality.

The difficulties that you face are usually very great. But then afterwards, the glory will match the greater difficulties. In other words, the greater the difficulty, the greater the glory. So, stay positive always no matter what.

Always feel proud when you find yourself opposed, especially when you know that you are doing the right thing. Don’t shed tears. Instead, take advantage and affirm your faith. People fear to approach somebody who has a firm stand. They fear somebody who likes speaking the truth.

When you celebrate your success, do it like you will never celebrate again. It’s your time and turn. What do you want to spare?

But remember, not everyone likes your Prosperity.


A helping hand…the best noble course..

One of the best noble courses in the world is giving.

Giving is a constitution of the divine nature and role. Not all of us can give the same way, same manner with same attitude. We differ. That’s however not the main point. The bottom line of it all is that the starting point of prosperity in life is giving. 

If God gave his son, then you can also give someone a special gift. Happiness, and indeed true happiness emerges from giving. When you give your time, your property, your ideas or even your loyalty, you open the doors for more privileges that you wouldn’t have acquired ordinarily.

When you become selfish, you limit your blessings. When you can’t help others or even make them a success, you may die unhappy. You can’t celebrate anything, you can’t leave any legacy. When you heap wealth, you may not consume the whole of it alone. It becomes useless when you die. That’s the whole truth.

Kindly remember the following:

  • It’s in giving that you and me receive.
  • True giving doesn’t involve grudge. It’s selfless.
  • A helping hand is stronger than compared to a receiving hand.
  • To make your life better, make other people’s lives better first.
  • Selfishness doesn’t pay. Or if it pays, the reward is poverty.
  • You either lose by saving or save by losing.

Give today. The measure you give is the measure you receive. 

Thank you.


Money…more and more Money…so what next?

#Money cannot buy everything. Money is not everything. Well, you may be surprised with my emphasis. I don’t hate money. It’s important that we look for it. Remember, we need to pay bills, our education, plan for holidays, set up a journey, insurance, gas for automobile etc. All these, money is required to meet them.

Look, actually I have no objection. Cash drives our economy. The financial confidence of any country is usually upheld when the cent, shilling, dollar,dinar, rand, whatever currency…is stably trading. The term currency to me refers to ‘flow’ equivalent to a stream that flows….hence cash flow.

We wake up early often looking for money. That’s very necessary. We need money and so we need to work hard for it. We need to achieve goals, meet deadlines, because time and money are closely related. Money and time are both treasures and have to be utilised wisely. When you have time, you can make all the money in the world. When you have all the money but no time to spend the money, then the value is lost. Money can buy time. If time is too short, then you buy it expensively. The vice versa is true.

Money is a good profit to the mind and body. It’s encouraging to achieve profit after a trade. And sometimes this profit motivates us to work even harder. Making savings and later translating the savings into property is good for the family, community and the country as a whole. Setting up systems of value addition, creating jobs so that the employment horizon can widen for people to enjoy is a good, valuable and noble skill of a good economist. Proper budgeting, whether at household level or at the national treasury requires apt financial knowledge and insight. At individual level, the success of a person in most ways depends largely on how they spent their money over a period of time. With all these facts, it’s beyond doubt that the relevance of money is a lifeline consideration. In addition to that, money is the engine and reason why everybody is industrious.

  • However, the aspect of money can be complicated at times. I have observed on several occasions that some people need more money, every time they get money. The desire in them to grow rich keeps on growing everyday. They can’t be satisfied and always think they should be having more money. Their desire grows overboard. They can do anything to get money. Money…more money. Such people can sacrifice all their other affairs in order to hunt for money. They become consumed with the urge of heaping money. Sometimes the feeling in them becomes so overwhelming that they decide to use dubious means and flawed processes to get money. So, they develop fatigue because of too much work, their heart becomes heavily attached to money, such that when they make losses, they fall sick to an extent of hospitalization. They want to see themselves rich overnight. They should be on the billionaires board after a few months.

When people look for ‘more’ money, they become so addicted that nothing else can taste in their lives including the delicacies of God’s word. They can easily forget to worship God, something which should be treated as an abomination. Remember that you can’t serve two masters. So you can’t serve God and mammon. You can’t replace God with money.

  • The desire to grow rich is usually welcome….for those who want to. But if it reaches a point where one can forfeit very meaningful duties in life in the name of looking for ‘more’ and ‘more’ money, then I am certain that the track is lost. I look like am preaching here. Well, you may say so. But am just making a point about the hazardous side of money. I call it a hazard because if the natural principles are not observed, then its hazardous nature eats somebody up.

I want to reiterate that I am not against anyone who looks for money. I am just sounding rational or modest. Average is better than extremes because it portrays even-ness or normalcy. Extremes are poisonous ends.

Questions: good ones for me and you to reflect on.

  • Why get so busy looking for money, until you don’t have time to even enjoy the same money?
  • Of what importance is it, when you get too busy, until you fall sick because of neurosis, until the same money treats you, and even be used to send you to the grave…something you may have avoided?
  • Why love money so much until you forget God or have no time for God?
  • After heaping all the money that you wanted, so what next?

Money is a good treasure for all of us. But it should not drive us until we can’t control ourselves. It should not replace us, in the driver’s seat.