On Sunday. Why are you still in Sodom?

John 3:16. For God so loved the world that HE gave his only SON……



#bodily desires#

Genesis 19. The story of Lot and his family.

The book of Genesis 19. talks about the story of the two angels that visited Lot while he was in Sodom. The book also reveals to us several occurrences particularly dealing with perverted sexual practices by the Sodomites especially after the angels had accepted the invitation to Lot’s house.

The angels visited Lot amid sin. That time, Lot and her children, together with the wife were bound in sin. They were living in a sinful environment. Their minds were full of corruption owed to sin. Homosexuality,incest, Lesbianism and all the rest. They were living in luxury, a pleasant life and environment that satisfied their bodily desires. They were also full of pride. No reverence for God. It may be no wonder that Lot’s wife remembered her luxurious property and looked back when she had been instructed not to look back. Her heart was attached to wealth, property and investment made while in Sodom. She may have also forgotten the reverence and obedience she needed to hold for God and obey instructions. She became a pillar of salt. Dead.

Genesis 19: 4-7 reveals to us the lust that men of the city of Sodom were harbouring. They wanted to make love and engage in sexual activities with the two angels that had visited Lot. That was very unwelcoming, an abuse of the highest order in God’s kingdom affairs and an ominous attempt that nobody who’s spiritual and sober would ever like to try.

Well, let’s get the point here…..

As long as Lot was still in Sodom, sin prevailed. God wanted Lot out of Sodom, a reason why he sent the two angels. Sadly speaking, Lot was found as the gatekeeper of Sodom. He was in the business. He was right in the middle of the business. He had conformed to the culture of Sodom. 

Abraham loved Lot. He interceded to God for Lot and his family. God was faithful, so he sent the two angels to bring salvation to Lot and his family. Initially the angels had refused to enter Lot’s house but after petition by Lot in an earnest manner, the angels accepted.

Right now as you are reading this sermon, where are you? Are you still in Sodom? Why are you still in Sodom? Meditate on this teaching and answer these questions.

If you are still in Sodom, it’s never too late. God can send angels to rescue you. God is faithful. Even as intercessors in the world today pray for you, God is listening. He will sent angels to carry you up and out (Psalm 91) of Sodom. God never fails to listen to anyone who prays to him.

Sodom represents our lust of the flesh. Our desire to live luxurious. I am not condemning luxury but it should not be the order of the day so that God doesn’t have a place in our hearts. We shouldn’t be led by what we see and think about. We shouldn’t stay in sin. We shouldn’t make life look good outside when inside, all is not well. We should be true to our hearts as well as the heart of God. That’s when only God can accept us.

When the demands of the flesh override our spiritual hood, then we are no longer in Jerusalem but in Sodom. Many people are bound in homosexuality, Lesbianism, gay and all other forms of indulgences. They can’t come out. It’s hard for them, just the way it was hard for Lot to come out. Many of us are still in Sodom. It’s not surprising also that many of us who even go to church today are still bound in Sodom. Going to church is one thing. Knowing and understanding what God requires of you is another thing. 

It’s my prayer that we come out of Sodom and see the salvation of God.

This Sunday, make up your mind not to be driven by flesh. Be spiritual. Take the faith and face the battle of the flesh and tell yourself that enough is enough.  May God help you and me.

God bless you so much.



On Sunday. Hold me in your arms Lord.

# a song by Benard Chinua

Oh Lord my God, my savior,

You are my refuge, my cover.

My Lord is my power, and my tower.

My only arm and my wing.


When tempests fall, HIM I call,

He flies down, holds me up, and I soar,

Below I see my enemies roar,

But in HIS arms I am safe, all in all.

Search me God, know me, 

Make me yours, just me.

Le me stay in your armpit, let me.

Le me be under your shadow, me.


Hold me in your arms Lord X 3

For with you, my life is spared.

God bless everyone. Happy Sunday.

Relating well with God means wisdom.



#Father of nations#

God is supreme.

No question about that. He supersedes nature. He is powerful that no man can outwit HIM.

To question God is foolishness.


A wise person prays, waits for God and appreciates what GOD does. Only a fool says God is a liar and that he doesn’t exist.

Wise people pray

To kneel and pray to God is wisdom, humility and a sign of honor to HIM.

The steps of a good man are guarded by the Lord.

When you hurt people, you hurt God as well.

God’s intention to mankind is reconciliation. He looked for ways of relating well with mankind through HIS Son Jesus Christ.

Wisdom is knowing God and doing what He wants. Wisdom is not despising God. It’s knowing and understanding that you are under authority and that you have no permission to operate on your own. Remember, he is the creator of heaven and earth. He created Man as well. 


On Sunday. Naaman’s Pride.

2 Kings 5:1-19. King James Version.

Naaman was the captain of the army of the king of Syria. He was a great man with his master. He was also honorable because by him, the Lord had given him deliverance unto Syria.

Naaman was also a mighty man of valor, but he was a leper.

Naaman lived with a little maid who had been brought away captive out of the land of Israel. The maid waited on Naaman’s wife.

The whole picture of this story about Naaman and leprosy teaches us a great lesson in our Christian lives today. Despite Naaman being a great man, his sense of fulfillment in life was not due. This was because of the trouble that leprosy had brought him.  He could socialize well with his parallel esteemed captains of other armies, exchange knowledge to its finest pinnacle in the ministry of defence, put on robes that are magnificent to look at, and actually make sure all is well on his personal front.

But while Naaman went into his inner chamber at home, while alone, he could see himself in a mirror as an ‘ugly’ Naaman because leprosy had destroyed his skin. The skin was white, rough, leathery and cracked. He hated himself because of this. He felt very low in heart while alone. Why me? Why leprosy on me God? He hated himself.

Leprosy is a disease that makes people in society to develop stigma towards those who have it. Stigma is a perception that the society develops such that it views people with leprosy as outcasts, or if not, as cursed people. So ultimately, they can’t associate with the affected parties. People with leprosy look ugly and the disease disfigures their bodies but appendages (their extremities) mostly. They could also pass the disease from one person to another, a reason why they were to be kept away.

For the case of Naaman, all was well on the front. He had everything he wanted in his life. He had status. He had attained self actualization. But in the background, leprosy continuously beckoned him, reminding him how ugly he looked like, everyday. Something was amiss. He needed cure.

It’s possible that Naaman could have gone to a skin specialist (a dermatologist) for cure. However much money a dermatologist could ask for, Naaman could (most likely) have afforded by virtue of his status. But that was not the case. In verse 3 of the same chapter, the little maid who opened up to Naaman’s wife about cure of Naaman in Samaria through a prophet is what God had intended for Naaman as his journey towards cure of leprosy. This is something that Naaman could not realize on his own. With his status, such a maid’s idea could mean nothing to him, or it could only mean mockery.

All these events teach us that sometimes in our lives, the cure for our problems may lie in unimaginable suggestions just like the maid issue. It’s good to be obedient because you never know where the solution to your problem may come from.

Now, out of ‘some obedience’ Naaman accepted the maid’s suggestion. But then he became too official allowing letters to exchange between kings. God’s ways may not be too official like what Naaman did. In fact, the letter made the king of Israel so much offended and angry that he tore his clothes off. It almost mistakenly sparked war between the two nations.

Through the spiritual window, the prophet Elisha was watching the events. His order and decision he gave to Naaman was so disgusting to Naaman. He didn’t like the way he was handled. This was because of his pride. Pride couldn’t allow him to undermine his status. How could he go and dip himself in a dirty river? Can’t be.

But after the feeble and urging voices of his junior servants, he accepted the decision. Surprisingly, it worked! He became clean! Thank you God….the God of Elisha. He then realized that indeed that was the right track….that was his corridor of cure….unimaginable o him.

Naaman’s Pride was going to make him lose the prize. He was definitely going to lose the leprosy battle. This is a lesson for all of us. Just because you have a good job, status, fame, etc doesn’t mean that the things of God should appear awkward, meaningless or undeserving for that matter. In the holy scriptures, in the new testament, Christ taught us that we should be like children. It’s because a child is obedient and doesn’t question the many instructions you give them. This is the opposite of us who are hard hearted adults. We hold ourselves in high esteem so much that we can’t bow down. We can’t swallow our pride. We can’t. How? Pride consumes us until humility can’t quench our personalities. This is the problem Naaman had. Let’s not also forget that anybody can be your source of breakthrough. Consider the case of the little maid and Naaman’s case. His solution came through a slave girl. 

Are you like Naaman? Too proud? Too complicated to handle, just because of your unwavering pride? Self justified? Look, it pays you nothing. Probably the reason why you are suffering from that ‘leprosy’ may be because you are too proud to humble to the solution that the people of God are giving you. God says in Isaiah 1.19 that if you are obedient, then you will eat the fruit of the land.

May the almighty God help you.


Be humble, and God will heal you today.