The three monsters: Fear, Doubt and Despondency.


Talk about fear. At some point, all of us have had it.

It’s not the problem of fear. It’s the problem of not overcoming fear. 

Fear is a disease. It can progress into a monster called coward.

Fear can make someone miss an opportunity. Fear causes retreat and procrastination; a state of delay to take action. Fear is for the coward.

Because of fear, many talents have ended up in the graves. Graves are the best hub ever of wealth that was not brought into use by those deceased.

When you fear, you invite a state of hopelessness and complexity in seeing the success side of a story. You feel comfortable not to try anything; and this is usually the opposite of any expectation under normal circumstances. 

Even while on smooth road, fear makes you see a rough road.


Whenever you doubt whether you can do something or not, then be sure that you can’t.

Never and never will you succeed if you are full of doubt. 

DOUBT kicks you OUT of the game.

Because of doubt, you sink in an ocean even when the waves are calm.

Doubt brings your parachute down in an unexplainable manner. You fall with a thud!

Instead of doubt, develop confidence. Think of possibility instead of impossibility. 


In any hopeless situation, learn to hold on positive thoughts. 

You lose focus when you become despondent. You face doom. You create room for weird resolutions.

Despondency is despair, a state of lawlessness on what best decision to hold on during night times or dark moments so to say.

Despondency is a monster. It should not dominate your life at all. Live positively, think positively and face challenges positively.

Sometimes we fail to be strong during adversity. Right. Human nature attached to this fact. But remember God’s nature as well. The best practice we require in order to drive away these three monsters is to be able to choose God’s nature over human nature and especially in adversity.

Lightning can strike, a landslide can bury millions of us, an earthquake can rock buildings even when we are inside, fire can rage and raze over a hairy forest, locusts can locate a plantation and swarm through, a disease can wipe generations…….and much more.

That’s fine. It happens. But I believe it depends on our courage. I mean the courage to live life amid circumstances. The courage to sleep in bed with enough faith that we shall wake up alive the next day.

That’s life.



On Sunday. Hold me in your arms Lord.

# a song by Benard Chinua

Oh Lord my God, my savior,

You are my refuge, my cover.

My Lord is my power, and my tower.

My only arm and my wing.


When tempests fall, HIM I call,

He flies down, holds me up, and I soar,

Below I see my enemies roar,

But in HIS arms I am safe, all in all.

Search me God, know me, 

Make me yours, just me.

Le me stay in your armpit, let me.

Le me be under your shadow, me.


Hold me in your arms Lord X 3

For with you, my life is spared.

God bless everyone. Happy Sunday.

On Sunday. Faith.

Hebrews 11:6…But without Faith, it’s impossible to please him: for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. (King James version)

 The book of Hebrews chapter 11 can be dubbed as the ‘Faith Hall of Fame’. The entire chapter focuses on great personalities like Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Abel, Moses etc who overcame obstacles, stumbling blocks, and misfortunes while exercising their faith in their times. Many of the saints mentioned outside this scripture even died horrible deaths. Others had to wait for long before receiving their promise. An example is Abraham. 

In this teaching today, I would like us to focus on the concept of faith itself, and probably learn a few things which when put into mind and heart…then practised, will change our lives differently. 

But before that, reasoning carefully in advance, we can learn from the men and women of faith who endured great suffering and hard times that they were ultimately representing the suffering and persecution of Jesus Christ. The faith in Hebrews is not sugar coated. It’s real faith. God doesn’t guarantee a life of luxury and ease. It’s a tough faith: a constant commitment to hang on and believe God against all odds no matter what.

True Faith

Living by faith means you don’t live by feelings. Feelings don’t build faith. Faith doesn’t make feelings. Faith is a substance that is constant in a changing environment. Men and women of faith don’t go by feelings.

Dear brother and sister, what you need in your life is faith. Without faith you can do nothing. But you can do something, even with that little faith that you have. 

Faith has to do with your heart. Not your head. Your head is not a home of faith. When you believe something, you don’t use your mind. You use your heart to do that. It’s in the heart that all resolutions come from and become effective. Mind can change with time. But the heart increases it’s trust with time if well nourished spiritually.

Sometimes our ideologies, our money, our fame, our papers fail us. That’s when faith sets itself at work. In awkward moments, faith gives us breakthrough. Faith is the backbone of our spiritual foundation.

Speak it.

In the book of 2 Corinthians 4:13, faith is a spirit. It should also be spoken. When we say faith is a spirit, we mean that what you believe in is invisible but comes to manifest in the physical. For example, when you believe God for a Mercedes Benz, grey in colour, you can write down more specifications on paper. Now, the vehicle can’t be seen in the physical. It’s in the spiritual realm. By exercising your faith over the vehicle you want, the it appears in the physical.          

Faith should be spoken. Speak your faith. The same scripture of 2 Corinthians 4:13, teaches that the law of faith is speech. Command your blessings. Believe that you have received that land, car, school fees, promotion etc. Laws always work. Faith will always make a weakling into a well able being. This is as long as the law of faith is in practice.

In the book of Romans 12:3, each one of us has a measure of faith. Each one of us has some level of belief, on the least. This measure dictates what we do daily, how we act and behave. The pace at which we achieve our goals, targets and deadlines in life is largely driven by our measure of faith. Full measure would translate into excellence in terms of prosperity.

Faith  is the fragrant that pleases God whenever we approach him with it.


The art of Winning.



#The art of Winning#

Winning is a mentality

It’s also a reality.

A winner on the course,

Is determined with full force

To make sure they bring the spoil home.

Quitters are cowards,

They only see mole hills as mountains,

They can’t thrust themselves forwards,

They can’t be captains.

Cowards are timid, so miss rewards.

A winner always persists

A winner defeats

A winner resists

A winner desists

All discouragement…until they win!

That’s the art of a winner!


Be of good courage…

If you ask most people who stand before large crowds and speak eloquently or control the audience fully, they will tell you that a sense of fear usually beckons at them repeatedly before they assume the stage. At some point they usually feel a nerve shrivel or a heart beat quickened a little.

But what you are sure to learn from them is that they usually resolve that fear doesn’t stop them from going forward. They have masterly nature of taking courage and holding onto it, allowing it to dominate the beckoning fear.

They choose to forget about fear. They smile, breathe in, relax and tell themselves that nobody is going to harm them just because they are standing in front of people. They become loyal to courage and rebels to fear. They know that this usually works well for them from experience.

If you are a type of person whom fear overtakes every time you want to do something, then please know that you have a duty to start reminding yourself that you need to be courageous from today. It requires that you make a resolution and stick to it.

Courage can make you get what belongs to you in life. Fear makes you to lose it, and so you can live your life miserably.

Without courage, you can’t swim, even in shallow waters. In other words, when you are full of fear, you perceive any waters as deep and so will never attempt to swim.

When you fear, you are likely to compromise on your standards in life. For example, at a work place, you can forge a document or bribe to keep your job because you fear being sacked. Worse still, you can bribe to get a job after interview because you fear being left out.

People without courage use dubious means to live life. They have no power to stand their ground and make things straight. They therefore end up sinning. To sin in silence when you should have come out in open makes you a coward.

People with courage may not have been born with it….and at some point they may have been the most of cowards in history. But they may have changed their story when they decided to take on the armour of courage.

If your mind decides that nothing is going to stop it from moving forward, then truly speaking, the body will have to obey command….whatever state the body will be in. Nothing can be a hindrance to a mindset. An already formed mind is like a hard stone that can’t be broken by a human fist. A decided mind is never a divided mind.

The power to be courageous is in your hands. You only need to decide.

Don’t live in fear. Don’t live in resentment. Don’t be frustrated unfairly, in silence. Don’t let fear rule your life. If you do that, you will never become who you were meant to be. When you look yourself in a mirror, you will hate yourself because the person you will be seeing in the mirror is not the real you.

Courage and fear are two different terms. You can only be defined by one. 

Thank you.