On Sunday. Hold me in your arms Lord.

# a song by Benard Chinua

Oh Lord my God, my savior,

You are my refuge, my cover.

My Lord is my power, and my tower.

My only arm and my wing.


When tempests fall, HIM I call,

He flies down, holds me up, and I soar,

Below I see my enemies roar,

But in HIS arms I am safe, all in all.

Search me God, know me, 

Make me yours, just me.

Le me stay in your armpit, let me.

Le me be under your shadow, me.


Hold me in your arms Lord X 3

For with you, my life is spared.

God bless everyone. Happy Sunday.


Relating well with God means wisdom.



#Father of nations#

God is supreme.

No question about that. He supersedes nature. He is powerful that no man can outwit HIM.

To question God is foolishness.


A wise person prays, waits for God and appreciates what GOD does. Only a fool says God is a liar and that he doesn’t exist.

Wise people pray

To kneel and pray to God is wisdom, humility and a sign of honor to HIM.

The steps of a good man are guarded by the Lord.

When you hurt people, you hurt God as well.

God’s intention to mankind is reconciliation. He looked for ways of relating well with mankind through HIS Son Jesus Christ.

Wisdom is knowing God and doing what He wants. Wisdom is not despising God. It’s knowing and understanding that you are under authority and that you have no permission to operate on your own. Remember, he is the creator of heaven and earth. He created Man as well. 


Five habits that successful people never Entertain.

For you to be a success, you need discipline.


I would like to mention some pertinent facts, ladies and gentlemen about successful people in the world. In sincerity, all successful people have a defined way of doing things. They are coded by a character that has value and with uniqueness everyday. They have a tact, a skill and purposeful way of doing things. They are impeccable with their word. But there are habits that they constantly avoid in order to become successful.


The following are the five habits that successful people avoid altogether.

#1. Associating with idle people

All successful people never entertain themselves with idle minds and so is very difficult for them to take time with idlers. As said often, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. It means that an idle mind has no room for success or achievement, a fact that a successful person will never want to associate with.

#2. Procrastination

A successful person…

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You are not a failure but a success in waiting.



You are not a failure when you fail to achieve your goal.

You are not a failure when you fail the second test. In fact you are a success in waiting. Try again.

Success stories carry element of failure at several points before they become realistic.

The best tarmac road towards success passes through rough road, winds up and down towards broken bridge before leveling up to tarmac.