Manners maketh man.


The basis for judgement of a person is character. People will often say….’his character is bad’….or….’she has poor morals’. The two statements may give them a base for judgement of the concerned person. They may view that person as one who is not reliable, trustworthy, elegant and upright.

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For someone to be respected, they must prove that they have good character….in the practical sense, not theoretically. Remember, action speaks louder than words. So, the practical sense is stronger than what’s just spoken. One of the best examples here is the love that we share with others. If we share in truth, then the love we show will be a genuine one. True love represents the heart of God.

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Loyalty, obedience and patriotism do not just come from someone whose character has not been tried or tested in and out of season. People will view someone as mature in character if that person has gone through behavior that has modified them into the person that the society wants to associate with. Maturity in character is associated with integrity, leadership potential and legacy. To become a leader, the natural steps have to be followed. There’s nothing artificial in leadership.

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We become who we are because of manners. Bad manners portray someone as a bad person. The vice versa is true. How far one can go depends on their manners, attitude and the sense of responsibility. Honor and respect belongs to well mannered individuals. A good name is better than riches. Therefore, manners have much influence than your knowledge and wealth. To live well with people is better than being too proud, rich and full of solitude. No man is an island.

Thank you.



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