The two words that define a human being.


The two words that define a human being are Promotion and Demotion. When you want to know the true character of man, give them power. Likewise, the truth about behavior is usually known when someone’s highest rank is lost. They can easily turn negative in terms of behavior.

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We are never ourselves in terms of behavior until a moment comes our way. I would like to call that moment as a character defining moment. I have come to realize that modesty is volatile state in life. It’s easier to achieve modest behavior but staying in buoyancy is the difficult task to a human being. In that regard, the two states that are likely to clearly define a human being are promotion and demotion.

When power is given to man, the way they behave and act changes; whether subtly or overtly. They can either show pride, or humility. Most of the men, as it has been observed will enter into pride. This is natural. Majority may turn euphoric and lose touch with the surrounding. A few will be humble. It’s not easier and common to get modest men in this state. It’s rare.

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Demotion can lower self esteem. It can robe someone’s happiness and pride. Some people who lose jobs for example, get depressed especially if the event took place suddenly. Unfortunately, a few individuals who face demotivating scenario walk around with resentment harboured in their nerves. They can easily channel it to someone else in case of an argument in a separate event. In addition, some people hook up to some form of addiction to channel their energies elsewhere. Therefore demotion can also reveal the negative aspect of one’s behavior.

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When you look at your life, your behavior is likely determined by the two words; Promotion and Demotion.

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