A friend…indeed.


A friend indeed is better than one in need. True friendship goes beyond needs. True friendship is equal to an ‘all weather road’…one that can sustain all weather conditions, or all circumstances.

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Part of your success in life is dependent upon the kind of friends who surrounded…(and surround) you for that matter. If  you check around carefully, you can answer the question….’what kind of friends do I have?’. Be careful not to be judgemental on this. Be factual. The fact is that many friends do not make the lever fall onto their side for good. Most of the friends are ones on a journey. They may never stay with you for long, especially when you reach a point where you have no good food to feed them. But the few friends (indeed) are ones who will stay with you even when they remain hungry just like you. They are always willing to go beyond their selflessness state and acquire the character of God. They become of angelic nature. These are the friends you need; and make sure sure that you won’t lose them at all costs.

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The real reason why friends are important in our  lives is because we can’t stand on our own. They  are our branches. We are like a tree and there’s no way a tree will lack a branch….even that branch without leaves is a branch. Indeed we need branches and these branches are the people who surround us.

Remember, we usually invite some people in our lives and so they become friends. Others may connect with us naturally. All of them are friends. The difference comes with the value they hold in our lives. Are they time wasters for example? That’s a question to fathom…

So, who’s a friend indeed?

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A friend indeed;

  • Is an investment; one who profits your life and so, is never a liability.
  • Is willing…and indeed willing to bend so that you can pass over them if need be.
  • Doesn’t take lip service. They take action.
  • Doesn’t reject you when you are in the middle of the storm.
  • Ploughs with you, plants with you, and is even willing to let you harvest all the crops without them benefiting.
  • Doesn’t call on you when just in need. He checks your place often.
  • Builds you up instead of pulling you down.
  • Forgets to make a grudge but remembers to amend broken fence.
  • Mourns with you, and laughs with you in and out of season.
  • Is always there for you. You can see God every time you see them.

Enjoy your day.



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