These three words: Consistency, Persistence and Patience.


Meditate on these three words: Consistency, Persistence and Patience.

A life full of purpose always presents an element of consistency. A life full of meaning is tagged with persistence. A life full of fortune is woven and knit in an unbreakable fortune basket referred to as patience.

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Consistency is very valuable when you have the desire to achieve your goal. Persistence is what brings meaning in everything you do, but patience is what determines how far you will go.

The art of success lies in the blend of these three words. Nothing will be achieved if you don’t combine the three words. If you are the type of personality that always gives up easily on everything that you do (especially that which seems challenging), then you need to check on your attitude. Is it one that combines the three words? Am sure you will appreciate this fact.

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The hallmark of success lies in the alignment of positive forces against negative ones. The definition of life…and so, that of whatever you do, lies in the consistency of purpose. Those who are never willing to quit are defined by the relentless pursuit of a goal and therefore are associated with Persistence. Those who wait for the dawn of the day, and are willing to stay in darkness until the morning of the day is realized are defined by Patience. Then eventually, everybody will appreciate in the end, that they had a purpose.

Question…In an honest manner, how well can we define you? Think about it.Thanks for taking time to read this post.



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