We are limited. God isn’t.


Nearly all of us have a tendency of going by circumstances. We tend to observe trends and conclude on some progress which to us may seem difficult (in relation to how we physically see it). This is natural phenomenon with the common man who has never considered otherwise.

man meditating at daytime
Photo by ajay bhargav GUDURU on Pexels.com

The natural tendency to behave or act this way creates the difference between God and man. God doesn’t work in circumstantial occurrences. He doesn’t fumble. He doesn’t bump into a situation so as to struggle himself out of it. He is a super personality.

There’s nothing that God can’t do. We ought to carry with us this sense for us to become winners and not losers. Winning stops when we go by what we see. Normally, worry consumes us and commands us to behave in a limited manner either in terms of lack of mental capacity to achieve the goal, or poverty of the spirit to tap on the richness of opportunities at our disposal. The best medicine for stopping worry is not to get worried.

When we think failure, we become failures. When we know that God is limitless, the mind for God makes us limitless too. The difference between one person and the other is not even the religious foundation but the level of faith they possess. Faith is the key to any success.

Appreciate God. Acknowledge what he can do. In this manner, you won’t be limited. Have a reason to believe that you can make it, even with that very difficult moment that you are passing through.

I came to learn that anybody who passes through difficult moment can easily doubt God. It’s how personally one is experienced with God that makes the difference. It’s easier to give up after all. The art and period of waiting on an opportunity or breakthrough to be realized is never a joy riding affair. It takes God’s character to achieve something valuable.

The end point of man’s life and his opportunity is the starting point of God’s glory. That’s why, men who proclaim to God that ‘only God is able’ are limitless.

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