Trials are a Preparation for your Promotion.

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No one would love to be subjected to temptation, or trials. Usually, such moments are difficult and do not offer a good taste for life. Temptation makes people go off course or if not, lower their esteem and hope.

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When you pass through trials, you may feel displeasure. The days and nights that you encounter become long. A day becomes a century, and a night may even be like a millennium years.

Nature is unforgiving sometimes. It doesn’t care about somebody’s status or dignity. Nature can allow torture to happen to anyone. All of us (in one way or another) pass through trying moments. What matters is the magnitude of each individuals’ case.

I have come to realize though, that trials have a meaning in life. First, when somebody is subjected to trials, they learn lessons and become mentors to other inexperienced groups. Second, trials help us to mature up…and so produce enduring character within us. When God wants us to become the right leaders of an organization, or an institution for that matter, he takes time to shape us. One way of doing this is through subjecting us to unpleasant life for a period of time. When we come out of that period, we will have been season like a red brick. We will then be fit for an important position or task of value.

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Maturity is not acquired just by the number of years that one lives but by the power to overcome all temptations that have ever come one’s way. To say that one is mature and fit for promotion is not pegged on just how learned or superb they are but the abilities to handle every responsibility the way it’s expected without partiality and flaws.

In life, when you pass the test of trials and tribulations, then be sure that you are fit for promotion. This doesn’t come easily. Promotion doesn’t just come to anyone just like that. It comes to those who are ripe, ready and mature. You don’t get promoted by God because of your physique or knowledge but by your well developed character that goes beyond the daily temptation.


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