The phone call that made a difference.


A mother went with her three year old son to the revenue office in town to file her annual tax returns. She then queued up to wait for her turn to be attended to. Her son being active, went outside the office to play. The mother didn’t quickly notice that her son had left because the last time she beeped an eye on him was the time when the son was talking to a security guard at the office door. Seemingly, the mother had felt secure because she knew the child was in safe hands.

photo of woman with child
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Afterwards, the security guard became busy with his duties. The child got attracted with the colorful nature of the paraded vehicles at the parking yard outside the revenue offices and so went into the parking to experience the feeling. He then saw a long truck….an 18 wheel truck that had parked aside. He went and touched its wheels. He became amazed by the way the wheels were. They looked so big.

action asphalt auto automobile
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At the rear wheels, he squeezed himself between the mud guard and one of the wheels and actually could fit in that space! So he went inside to hide. He enjoyed the warmth that emerged from the wheels. Eventually, the mother noticed that her child was missing. She quickly came out of the revenue office to look for her child. She couldn’t trace him. She came back and asked the security guard who was last seen with the child but the security guard couldn’t account for anything. Panic and anxiety struck both of them. It became a concern.

At the parking lot, the driver of the long truck came and entered into the truck. He seemed to be in a hurry so he just entered and quickly put the engine on…

When the vehicle started vibrating, the child became scared and screamed but the voice was drowned by the noise of the vehicle so nobody heard him. Progressively, the driver engaged the first gear but his foot rested on the clutch, waiting to release the truck. While he was adjusting his belt, his phone rang. When he looked at his phone, he saw that it was the yard mechanic who was ringing. He remembered that he hadn’t paid him his money that he had borrowed. So, it seemed that the mechanic was asking him about the debt. So he turned down the call. When he pressed the gas pedal, he almost released the clutch when the mechanic rang again. He decided to pick the call…”Hello, said the mechanic. I wanted to remind you about the loose mud guard which was almost falling while you were leaving. Please don’t drive for long distance without checking it”. “Sure”. Replied the driver. The conversation ended. The driver disengaged the gear and left the truck idling. He acknowledged to himself that he had actually forgotten about the mud guard. He then came out of the truck to check on the rear mud guard. Surprisingly, it was the one that the boy was stuck in. The boy was screaming. He saw the boy and so, hurriedly struggled with himĀ  out of the mud guard.

When people saw him struggling, and looking apprehended, they rushed towards him and saw him bring out the boy. The mother saw his son and rushed, tears rolling down her cheeks. She took the boy in her arms, kissed him several times as she cried.

The truck driver remembered the phone call from the mechanic. If it weren’t for that call, he would have crushed the boy in between the tyres. The boy went back home safely with the mother.

Benard Chinua.


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