”Open up”.

Problems are like a knife. They can pierce your body until they reach your heart. You can end up dead. In other words, problems can kill.

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Problems are also like a balloon. Once they enter somebody’s mind and heart, they start swelling. They eventually reach a point and burst, leaving that person with damage. This analogy may be similar to cases where somebody enters into depression because of problems until they develop a stroke or become insane. At this point, the ‘balloon’ inside them will have burst, leaving them with a health problem.

Many of us are faced with problems…daily, on average. The way we handle those problems is not the same. Our reactions and perception of whatever comes our way is mostly almost individualized.

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When one is faced with a challenge, it’s advisable that they should open up to someone they are comfortable with. The person one opens up to can be a counselor, a close friend or a mentor.

Opening up has several benefits. Remember we had said problems are like balloons. They swell when pressure is injected. So, when you share out a problem, you ‘open the balloon’ to let the air come out. In that manner, you feel relieved. A problem shared is a problem half solved. A problem, not shared is a problem, not solved. The best way to deal with weighty matters is to speak them out. We need to develop courage and speak. When we don’t speak, our mind gets clouded and we lose the sense of reasoning. Our hearts get anxious because of an upsurge of adrenaline within us that raises the heart rate.

When we don’t speak about our problems, we feel depressed. One way of noticing that someone is depressed is that they start isolating themselves from the rest of other people. They feel good when they are alone yet that’s a pointer towards depression. They also lose interest in the environment.

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
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It has been realized that people who talk openly about how they feel and what they are going through have a better chance of living a psychologically stress free life. They become better emotionally and even physically.

People who cry release all their problems out. Crying helps to relieve the tension within a person. When a person cries, they should be allowed to do so until they get calm.

From today, let’s encourage each other to open up when we are faced with problems. Thank you.

Benard Chinua is a Motivational Coach.




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