Never regret for your past mistakes. Just learn lessons and carry on….

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When you spend much time regretting over the decisions and other past experiences that you encountered in life, you stop giving your mind a chance and room for stimulation. When you live in regret, your mind gets logged in the swamp of mental block. At times one gets depressed until they land in a medical institution.

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The best person in your life is just YOU. You are the only person who can thank yourself and pat yourself on the chest for your achievements in life. I am certain that when you sit down and evaluate your achievements, they are more than your failures. So, create room for appreciation and learn lessons as you move on in life. It pays hundreds of times when you find a positive impact being taken into consideration from your side.

Some people say that they will never forgive themselves especially after doing something wrong. They hate themselves and vow never to love their innermost being again. They look at themselves in the mirror and and rebuke the person they are seeing in the reflection. They don’t want to see that person again….and again. When they are alone in a room, they keep on telling ‘that person’ they saw in a mirror, words that have a cutting edge spirit.

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It’s appreciated in life, that most successful people in the world ever made their worst mistakes at several points in their lifetime.  Some may have failed terribly. Others may have been a laughing stock of the assemblies that judged them after they were found in mistakes. But they chose what they knew best; they focused ahead and made it in life.

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From today, when you make a mistake, appreciate yourself. It’s better to make a mistake and correct it than no mistake at all. Success doesn’t lie in perfection right from the start because there’s no perfect human being. To make mistakes and learn lessons as you move on, is the pathway to success.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.


Benard Chinua is a Motivational Coach.


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