You may never know when your stress levels rise….

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In a busy environment (like the current one), stress levels keep on rising particularly to those individuals who never pay attention to their bodily reaction towards the environment in which they are residing.

Most of us engage in affairs that drain our bodies, including our emotions. Remember that disappointments are on the rampant. These may range from employment, marriage, loss of a loved one, empty promises, illnesses and all the likes. The world has remained a dancing stage of bitter and sweet tunes. Those who want to dance sweet tunes are sometimes awarded the worst tune ever until they resent, never to dance again. Such groups of people are the ones you hear saying “I would rather die than live”.


Life offers choices. Each choice has consequences. So, we need to be prepared for the consequences of everything that we settle upon. We need to prepare for good or for the worst. At times when we know that life is tough, we should pause and rethink. Or we should have break. Or else we break our bodies.

When stress levels rise without your knowledge, you may find yourself yelling on the streets, or refusing to talk to anyone. You may even act in a manner you think is ethical when it’s not. Some people talk to anyone they meet on the way. This is not bad but it may just be that you have developed flight of ideas. When you run mad, you may not know until you find yourself in a mental institution at a later stage.


For those of us who are married, we need to take care of our emotions. Stress levels can easily rise if there are disagreements or disappointments between spouses. When we have children for example, any mistake they make can make one feel bitter and can easily mishandle everything. So in this regard, we need to always be conscious enough. Physical stress can be damaging. It can lead to suicide. It can also lead to underproductivity. Here, I just mean  that your body may not be in tune  to perform any task.  Failure to tame the rising levels of stress can mean courting disaster.


I suggest in this article that we adopt a culture that can be rewarding in terms of stress alleviation. For example, taking time to socialize and not withdrawing from the crowd can improve our feelings. Taking a nap can relax someone’s mind, and having a walk can stretch the ligaments, muscles and bones. When two people stay in the house, they need to talk to each other. This is beneficial for both of them. When there are disagreements, they need to openly confront them. Otherwise all won’t be well.

Each day, we need to jog a little, joke a little and walk a little. That’s my suggestion.

I need to mention what I had mentioned earlier in a separate article that laughter is the best medicine.

Good luck!

Thank you.

Benard Chinua.


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