The Big Five ‘Life Eating’ Monsters.

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I have a big burden for all the bad things that happen in the world. Sometimes I stop for a second and  think about this burden. The world is being phased out with danger; ethics is eroded, foundations of good life have been grounded, healthy habits have been sickened, strong morals have been weakened by immorality, happiness we used to know has been saddened by misfortune, our best weapons of culture have been taken captive….and much more.


In this article, I need to precisely express myself without use of much words. I don’t believe so much in theory, or lip service (so to say)- a reason why I shouldn’t talk so much. I believe in action.


The following are the big five monsters that eat away our lives (please note that there are many more monsters that devour us);

  • Drugs and substance abuse.

Many young people are entrapped in drugs. They have become addicts. They engage in crime to sustain this kind of life.

  • Alcoholism

It’s unfortunate. Families and relationships have been ruined because of this. Many people have gone to the grave because of alcohol.

  • Promiscuity and prostitution

This is evil. It’s lust. It has washed away many well founded families. Children and adults make no difference in this.

  • Mental illnesses

Pressure to life and lifestyle has brought a deviation from conformance with standards of life. This has led to changes in the pattern of thinking towards the negative side. Many people are dying; young as well as old.

  • Cancer.

This is a big monster. May God help us on this. He is faithful.

Let’s think about these things. You and me have a role to play in our society.

Benard Chinua.


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