This is what I believe….

#success #humanity #ethos

I believe that….

  • Making peace with men makes one be at peace with themselves.
  • Success is God given; and that God knows best what is good for us.
  • The world’s greatest misfortune is dishonesty. This is unfortunate.
  • Those who hurt others touch God’s heart with dirty hands.
  • The greatest strength is revealed when you know that all your strength has waned off.
  • One’s own true happiness radiates from the heart that belongs to God.
  • Revenge is a boomerang.
  • In difficult times, God doesn’t forget to provide solution.
  • Man’s end is God’s beginning.


I don’t believe that….

  • Liars are happy people.
  • God is a liar.
  • Everything goes unnoticed naturally.
  • There’s an easier way out in life, without God.
  • Dark moments are permanent.
  • Success is not real, especially to those who are full of faith.
  • Witch hunters enjoy their sleep.
  • Human beings are supernatural. God is supernatural.
  • That those who walk in darkness can see.

What do you believe?




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