Life is too wide to comprehend.


Life is wide. It can be wild to someone or friendly. It can be full of fortune or misfortune. Life can as well entertain detrimental courses throughout somebody’s life or just provide the opposite. Some people have reasons to justify that they are lucky than others. Others feel they are unlucky. All this, unsurprisingly, defines life.


One part of the planet earth may have elites that feel superior over others. Another part of the earth may have inferior classes. It’s all about life. This is a fact.

You can’t look at life in one perspective only. When you say that life is good for instance, another one may say life is too hard for them. When you think that life has nothing good to offer..such that you would rather die than live, another individual is busy praying that they would live a little longer for them to continue ‘enjoying’ life.


Success takes place in people’s lives in millions of ways. Somebody’s success esewhere may not be your success. Your personal success may be defined differently in your own terms. Not everyone may view and appreciate what you claim to be success, the same way.

You can’t think for somebody. You can’t control and determine their destiny because naturally it’s God who knows each one’s destiny, fully. So, when you spend time blocking other people’s progress or success, there will be other ways that God will provide as an alternative for them to succeed. It’s God who designed life, not a human being. In fact, the mystery of life remains a wonder to a human being and a secret of God.


The best way to understand life is to appreciate nature the way it is. Nature is God. Things that happen in life are all for good, whether tragedies or celebrations. They happen for a reason and in season. We need  to appreciate the fact that good things as well as bad things can happen to all of us. Life is what happens to you and me. All the experiences we have on a daily basis define what life is to us. Each person knows best what life offers to them.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.

Chinua is an Environmental Health Officer and a post graduate UNICAF student at the university of South Wales, England. (Msc. Public Health).


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