Consider others better than you.

#contempt #disdain #undermining


It’s easier to feel superior over others especially when one has something that others don’t have. It’s usually a judgemental phenomenon. In most cases, a person feels that their side is better than somebody else’s side. This may therefore lead to show of contempt or disdain or a display of haughty looks upon others.

The ancient teaching in the books of wisdom requires that we need to value others as better than us. We need to consider the fact that they have something special….a gift, ability or fortune which our lives are void of. We need to keep in mind that in whatever state and status that they are in, they can be of help to us at some point in life. When we undermine them, we deny ourselves opportunity to gain from them, that thing or gift which we don’t have.


Life requires that we socialize with others well for us to learn that which we never knew. No one has everything. And even whatever we have may just be half of what others have. So if you thought you are better than others, think twice.

Thank you.

Chinua is a UNICAF student at the university of South Wales, England (Msc. Public Health).


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