Do not wait for perfect weather.



Most of the time, we usually develop sensible judgement and reason to wait for the right moment in order to do something. I am not writing to dispute this fact. If anything, one needs to be organized and make sure that their checklist meets all the requirements before they embark on a given assignment. This act or manner of doing things brings the sense of logic and reality…..that which is based on fact and reason and not imaginations or fantasy.

But have you ever realized that in most cases, your breakthrough in life usually knocks on your door at very odd hours? In other words, the hour of your success is that which you can’t predict. In most cases, life is full of surprises as one said. Therefore in this regard, we need to rethink about this aspect of imperfect and perfect weather. This aspect is a secret which I even personally never thought of.

At times when you wait for the perfect moment to do something, you deny yourself a chance to gain experience in the difficult circumstances and times. A perfect moment may take long to reach your doorstep and even so, it may not teach you the right tough lessons that improve your resilience and prowess. A perfect moment is left for those who fear sailing in a boat when the wind is boisterous. A perfect moment is not for a captain of the ship who wants to learn all lessons in the sea. It’s a moment for the timid, or for those who want it all good and easy right from the beginning up to the end. A perfect moment is for people whose faith requires physical eyes for them to see, those eyes that cannot see what’s ahead five years from now. It’s also for people whom, lightning only will make them never to step in the rain.


It’s good to be careful. It’s not right to exercise carelessness. But it’s equally good to be care less. Sometimes what you avoid because you are waiting for the perfect weather may make you lose the eternal prize. The cost of waiting cannot be bought, and if it can be bought then the price goes beyond money.

When it’s time to go to school, or graduate your studies, decide to do so. When it’s time to get married, deal with it within the moment. A nail is easier to strike while still red hot than when it’s cold. Don’t wait for perfect weather. There may never be that perfect weather that you keep on imagining.


Some property consultants started business with one client in a tiny roof. They now own a whole city with countless numbers of clients. Some professors started with certificate courses. They headed straight up their ladder without hesitation. They now control the whole world with ideas. Some great businesswoman started her grocery store on the roadside. Right now she owns a whole market in town. These are just but a few examples. There are many more. You thought probably that everything needs to fall in place before you start something. Please change your mind.


Time and money are like an intertwined cord. You can’t separate the two. But time is more important than money. This is because when you have all the time in the world, you can make all the money that you want. When you have all the money in the world but no time, you don’t have a chance to spend it. It will be useless. In this regard therefore, if you wait for perfect weather in order to achieve something, you may eventually get it but you may not have time to enjoy it because it may be late for you.

Thank you.

Chinua is an Environmental Health Officer.


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