Reasons why Education is important.


You can’t compare ignorance and education.


The cost of education is far much lower than the cost of ignorance. If you want to know what this means, then refuse to learn. Afterwards, you will understand these words.

If you have a chance to go to school, please do so. There’s no loss in doing that. Not all people have accessed education in their lives. Similarly, not all people have similar levels of education capacity. There are people who admired to access education up to its summit in vain. This could have been due to valid reasons….reasons beyond their abilities.

Therefore, do not think that a chance to receive education should be taken for granted. Education opportunities are God given. When you receive knowledge, your mind and eyes start seeing what’s around and in the environment, differently. In other words, your mind was dark before, and then it receives light after knowledge is imparted inside it. So, education is light. It shines for you after you receive it. Never neglect a given opportunity to learn.


When you are ignorant, you stay in darkness. You can’t understand and interpret the behavior of your environment. Therefore, you can’t respond to its needs. Nature is likely to throw you out if this happens to you. This is because you may not be able to fit in the society. Remember that most societal norms are morally related, and to acquire good morals starts with being educated about them. Ethics is a topic that you learn when you attend lessons.

The purpose of education is enterprise. This means you learn to acquire or develop new ideas that can be used to transform you, your life and that of the society in general. You can become an entrepreneur, or a coach, a socialist, a counselor, a programmer, or even an economic analyst.

The other purpose of education is independence. After acquiring knowledge, one needs to think on their own. In other terms, you start reasoning independently. You will have the power to read on your own and further your education, or you can start projects and mobilize relevant stakeholders to engage their time, mind and fortune into the venture to bring out something meaningful.


There are all reasons therefore to believe that education is important. Learning is a continuous process. No one knows everything. Being an expert in one field can still leave you ignorant in another field of study.

Education is not meant for pride. Being highly educated for example, doesn’t mean you undermine those who are lowly educated. Here, it means you need to help them using what you know to empower their insight until it establishes a visionary ability for them. You need to be loyal and serve them and their needs instead of threatening them with your education ego. For you to earn their respect, you need to make them feel respected. A properly educated person is humble, and they know that learning is continuous, daily and often. They also know that they know nothing new until the time they know it.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.



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