Life in itself is a risk.


Naturally, human beings hate mistakes. Rather, they hate being associated with mistakes, misfortune, failure or doom. It’s natural to find someone who wants to be perfect always. Someone who must always do things perfectly and win with perfect results. Most people like when everything goes on well and not awry. In fact, people who believe in perfection would always want to play safe most of the time. They wouldn’t want to be heard by other people as failures or as people with bad omen. They hate seeing things go wrong. They feel resentful when they do things that yield negative results. All that is in their mind is perfect results. Nothing less.


But somehow, nature is very interesting. For you to succeed in life, you need to take risk however small or big the risk may be. Success on your side may be accompanied by the risk of failure, or that of reputation, or misfortune, or losing friends, or going hungry for several days, or losing your cosmetic outlook and much more. Risk involves crossing a river, even without a boat or shoes so that you can reach the other side of the land. It may also involve being willing to die for life to be found. It reaches a point where someone says…’come what may’….


Risk goes beyond perfection. For one to be perfect, they are likely to make mistakes at the onset. Most people would always want to avoid these initial mistakes. They think that they will wake up one morning and they are perfect! It can’t be. Avoiding mistakes is like avoiding the payment of orientation fee. In any organization that considers such fee, you can’t be inducted before you pay. So, it’s good to pay the price when you want to rove towards the direction of perfection.


It’s difficult to avoid risks in life. Life in itself is a risk. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t know what will come your way until it comes. You can’t predict whether you will step on a pointed¬† nail with your bare foot or fall in a ditch while walking in darkness.¬†

Having faith that everything will turn right is a proper exercise of intuition. Faith makes the mind deaf to the risks around and the ears become blind to the noises surrounding someone. Discouragement can make someone opt out of the race if they are not steady. Risk therefore has all to do with resolution. You resolve that no wind or rain or sunshine is going to stop you from going out to the field of your choice.

Success stories of the celebrities that we have heard and read about before have the tone for risk taking abilities and behavior. People who play safe may never win anything. It’s better to walk and grope in the dark and just keep on moving, than sit in the light doing nothing. What you thought was so difficult may be so easy to someone else. It’s probably because you avoided the ‘risky’ part in the encounter.

Thank you.

Chinua is an Environmental Health Officer.



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