Laughter; the best medicine.


When you become sad, the muscles of your face contract. They fold and become tense. They shrink. They then remain strained in that state. Even if you try to become happy afterwards, those muscles may not fully turn back into their original state. As a result, someone looks like ‘they have grown old’ even when they are just young in age. That’s why people with depression end up ‘growing old’ when you look at them from face value.


Again, when you are sad, the hormone called adrenaline increases in the blood stream and causes the blood vessels to narrow down. As a result, your blood pressure increases for as long as you are in that state. Eventually, there will be a change in the pattern of how your body works. For example, you become anxious, your heart beat increases, your mind gets blocked instead of being stimulated, you may also withdraw from the social environment (and this may change your personality).

With the above brief explanation, it’s agreeable that choosing sadness instead of happiness is never in line with wise living. In addition, there are many damages that occur as a result of being sad than being happy. Of course you may want to object and disagree with me….probably….because you have gone through so much in life and you would want to justify that it was heavy for you until you couldn’t afford to maintain a state of bliss. It’s alright. I am not writing just casually to convince you. No. I want to teach you to understand that happiness can be found amid weird circumstances and moments.


Happiness is a choice. You need to make up your mind and be happy, everyday, every week and all the time. When you are happy, you will laugh. Your heart shall be blissful. Your body will be stimulated….Your mind will think through, your organs in the body will function well. You will not get worried and you will attract good things around you. Magic will be your portion. You won’t enter into a state of panic, neither shall you claim that God has left you into oblivion. Your nerves won’t ache and you won’t curse the day you were born. You will also become successful in life. You will be the person that was meant to be in life.

It’s unfortunate that many of us have a tendency of complaining, almost at everything including ourselves. We like telling ourselves ‘I am so foolish. Gosh! how can I do this?’ We have a culture in us that likes negativity instead of positivity. We focus on what makes us to regret, or feel resentful. We don’t think of even smiling or laughing amid those circumstances. We are our own negatives. In fact, we are our own undoing. We need to change this culture.



When you laugh, people around you will laugh, even if they don’t know what you are laughing at. They will create ‘another laughter’ from your laughter and so laughter will continue. They would want to associate with you often so that they can laugh with you. They will be looking for you always. They will then impart a laughing culture in you because their laughter depends on your laughter. So it will always require you to laugh in order for them to laugh. You will then never grow old. You won’t hurt your facial muscles, or your heart, or your nerves, or your body organs. You will live in a state of bliss, always. You will be happy always. You will laugh always.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.



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