This aspect of emotional intelligence.

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When some people were growing up, they never received emotional care. I mean, they were never reassured often, about their potential, their weaknesses, just how they look like and the rest. So along the way in their lives, they just had to cope with life and perhaps develop their own ways  of reassuring themselves as they move on. They never had somebody to provide an emotional shoulder to lean on. They dealt with their emotions in the manner they thought was best.

You may be among such group of people. It’s not surprising. It’s also not something knew to think of. Each one of us grew in different environment that required us to cope with the prevailing circumstances.


So in this post, the main focus is on emotional intelligence. This is an aspect of behaviour versus prevailing circumstances. In other words, it’s the ability that someone has acquired to be able to balance their feelings and act in a manner that is acceptable when they are in society. Its result or expectation can be equated to modest behaviour.

Emotional intelligence can be acquired. One can be taught on how to go about the emotional issues. It’s a practical aspect in life. So, for those who missed the mark before, they can have a chance to improve their lives.

Failure to achieve emotional intelligence has its own grave results….particularly towards relationships, career, friends and professionalism in general. A person who doesn’t have emotional intelligence ends up failing to cope with the pressure of life. They can’t withstand challenging situations. They can’t develop the preferable abilities of tackling disasters whenever they strike. Lack of emotional intelligence results into very poor leadership  management techniques. The leaders or managers in these groups may behave weirdly while leading or managing. They may throw tantrums unnecessarily or sack employees without care. They may even enter into depression especially when things are not working.

I suggest in this post that you try to find out in your life if the aspect of emotional intelligence is well cultivated. If not, then it’s high time you dealt with it fully. Psychologists can be of great value here. Remember that the things you do in your life, and the way you think is basically governed by the level and capability of your emotional intelligence.

Thanks  for taking your time to read this post.Chinua….


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