The five powerful pillars of the mind that you need to nurture.


#pillars of the mind#

Pillar one.

  • Memory.

Your memory is your Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O). It’s vital to keep your memory alive by doing activities that stimulate brain function.

Pillar two.

  • Wisdom.

Wisdom is God given. But you need your mind to have it in place. A steady, well trained mind is a wise mind.

Pillar three.

  • Emotional intelligence

Your power of emotional stability starts with the heart then the mind. If you have a powerful mental status, then your emotional intelligence is likely to be of a high grade value because your mind can control the mental processes that involve emotions.

Pillar four.

  • Speech.

Your mind needs training to develop good speech. Good speech is a blend of pronunciation and mental processing. Mental capacity to process speech becomes effective when your mind is strong.

Pillar five.

  • Knowledge.

Knowledge comes from knowing. But the power to know things is associated with the power of the mind. A strong mind breeds strong sense of knowledge. A weak mind generates very little in terms of retention.

Take care of your mind. Enjoy your day.




3 thoughts on “The five powerful pillars of the mind that you need to nurture.

  1. Knowledge requires connecting what you know now to what you’re learning and gathering. Knowledge requires retention, true, but it gains influence in application. Ask yourself how this new information can connect things you already understand, and it makes your knowledge more permanent and flexible. For instance: I am a music teacher, but my students don’t learn only tone quality, phrasing, technique and music literature. They learn physics, anatomy, history, culture, archaeology, cultural geography, chemistry, astrophysics, mathematics, composition… It’s relating all these subjects to their music that brings depth of performance. Knowledge, to me, is like putting together a million piece puzzle and each piece makes the picture clearer. I delight in the 1000 different shades of blue and the 1000’s of different shapes of leaves, the different orientation and color of grass and fur, the detail of the architecture.

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