Your inner fears…you need to overcome.

#fear of the known#

#fear of the unknown#

Everybody has some inner fear. Everybody, even on the very least of all kinds of fears. Human nature has revealed that one can’t be bold or brave to everything. It’s only God who is supernatural.

Some people have ‘fear of unknown’. They live in dilemma. Their hearts are full of worry all the time. They even tell people often, that they are worried but don’t know why they are worried. Such people lack appetite, sleep, focus, confidence and enthusiasm to live life to its fullest.


It’s you who knows best what you fear. When people look at you from the ‘face value’ point of view, they may not know what goes on inside you. They may only know if your external expressions match the internal ones because your behaviourĀ  is highly believed to be eitherĀ  the product of your confidence or your anxiety.

It’s said that no one will know that you are afraid of until you show it up…or until you tell people that you are afraid. Even the fearful look courageous in silence. They can pretend to show boldness yet they may be afraid to their very last point.

In this post, there are some of the suggested best ways of handling inner fears.

  • The first thing you need to do is to identify your inner fears. Sometimes it’s hard to quickly point it out but with care, you can identify it. Accept that it’s part of your life.
  • Second, never run away from your inner fears. If you do that, you leave your heart in a state of anxiety. You also develop nervousness. You may hate life for that matter. So, face your inner fears, deal with them or involve a counselor or someone who can encourage you to face the reality. Choose somebody carefully because some people may worsen your fears.
  • Thirdly, expose yourself daily to the fear or every time you get a chance to do so. If the fear involves standing before large crowds, use the opportunity whenever you are given an assignment of standing before large crowds and practice your confidence. Remember, exposure is immunity.
  • Fourth, share with people the challenges of your inner fears that you encountered in life. Don’t shy away. This way, you will feel relieved but at the same time you will be helping other people to overcome their inner fears as well.

Remember, you may be a skilled musician, a sports personality, a great preacher, a great politician, or a promising president of a given country. But because of inner fears, you may give up on the way, or you may develop low self-esteem that can trash your dreams into a dust bin.

Thanks for taking time to read this post.




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