You are what you think.

#the power of the mind#

In the usual circumstances, what happens in your life in the physical is normally created three times before you see or experience it; first in your spirit, then your mind and ultimately in your physical world. The way you think and view issues is very important in life. Why? Because it can limit your success or advance it, and also, whatever people experience from your side is a revelation of what’s going on in your unseen world.

All of us were created by God with unique abilities. Everyone can do something, somehow. Nobody is a failure until they choose to be. The way you perceive yourself is the way all that happens around you takes the path that you treak on daily.

In life, if you have a spirit of cowardice, then your mind reads that you are a coward. So, in the physical, people will see you running away from what they don’t expect to frighten you.

Bold people have bold spirit, and therefore bold mind. They are never failures. They strive to win. They know that they are a success. They are also aware that anxiety, doubt, fear and despondency are enemies of progress and success. Only the bold make it in life. They are what they think. They think boldly, act boldly, talk boldly and take battles boldly. They have masterly skill of beating up the odds. They are daring and can even set their journey against the waterfall at times. They try the impossible and make it possible. They are a great personality.


On the other hand, timid people are never brave. They are ‘cry baby’ people. They see mole hills as big mountains. Whenever darkness falls on them, they say death has visited them. Timid people concentrate on the way the storm is raging. They focus on their worries. They don’t take counter steps. They curve inside. They are the way they think. They are lowly self esteemed. They think that success is only meant for certain groups of people. They can’t dare climb a hill because to them, it’s a mountain. They find pleasure and comfort in complaining and making excuses.

I don’t know where you fall. May be in the bold group, or the timid group. You know yourself. You are what you think.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. Let God help us.



5 thoughts on “You are what you think.

  1. I, in general, agree with what you say. Success loves the brave ones. I fall in the second group, the “timid”. It took me long years to figure out why – why such shyness, fears, doubts, low self-esteem. I looked for answers in my childhood, past traumas, etc. And I had bold dreams and I worked hard at some point in my life…and then, after a serious change in my life – childbirth and soon relocation to a foreign country, when my fears and panic were no longer controllable, I learned I was suffering from Anxiety disorder, with a bonus of social phobia and terrible fear of heights. Ordinary things would take huge amounts of courage summoning, energy and self-convincing. So “cry baby” is not always a choice. 🙂 Conditions like anxiety take almost all your energy to try to stay calm or at least look calm, leaving you with hardly any resources for anything else. At least for me, this is the tragedy of my life, but I use what I can, to be happy if I can’t be successful.

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      1. Thank you! I do believe in the power of the mind! It has helped me immensely along the way, but it still requires a lot of work. It is quite difficult to rewire a brain, that was originally wired differently from what you want it to be 🙂 May be some a naturally braver, or may be it is a sum of many many details. Who knows? That is why we are unique 🙂

        Have a great weekend! 🙂

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