The power of focus.


When two people are given equal task with equal measure of time, there is a likely chance that one will complete the task ahead of the other even if each of them achieves the results within the given time frame.

The difference between the two individuals is the power of focus and concentration. The abilities for both of them to concentrate is different. The ability to work faster may also lie in the strategy or the technique that each of them applies.

The bottom line of this post is that your success depends on how powerful you are in terms of focus and concentration. Some people take years for their success to be realized. Others take months. The power of focus and concentration is very important in any endeavors. Remember, time is money. When you procrastinate, you buy more time and the cost of buying time is very high. When you save time, you will accomplish much because you shall have room for accomplishment of other tasks.

When you concentrate on a particular task, you release all your energy towards the task. There are high chances that you shall produce quality results. This is contrary to a divided mind….which settles into mediocrity.

The power of focus therefore is essential. Do one thing at a time. Multitasking is good but has its own costs. Long lasting results are governed by the power behind concentration, focus and meditation.

People who become experts in life start with the training that requires them to concentrate on what they do. After several times of repeated practice, they develop masterly skill and can even perform the task using little or subtle energy. They no longer struggle with dexterity and buoyancy.

So, from today, look around and see. Do you think you are good at focus and concentration when performing your tasks? Do you feel satisfied with the time that you usually take from one activity to another? These are good questions for achievers in life.

Let’s continue keeping focus.

Thanks for taking time to read this post.



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