On Sunday. Why God seems to be far away from you.

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Isaiah 59:1

‘Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear’. NIV.

God is never limited. He can’t fail to reach you. In fact God is a spirit (John 4:24). This means that he can be anywhere, anytime and in any way. In the spirit world, there’s no time and space. There’s no distance. Everything is instant. So the arm of the Lord is not too short to save you.


In a time like this, many believers tend to think that miracles no longer take place. Many have developed a notion that God no longer works the way he used to….like the days of Abraham, Noah, Moses, king David etcetera.

It’s true that many of us pray. But it’s equally true that we don’t wait to see God answering our prayers if the silence from God seems to be roaring for many days. For this reason, one of the things that make it look like God is far away from us is our lack of patience. We can’t just wait. We need quick fixes. We need instant answers to our prayers. This is a true sign of lack of patience and obedience to his word.

In the story of Saul versus the prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 13:11-12), the king Saul fails to take instructions from the Lord through the prophet Samuel because of impatience. He acted foolishly. When he noticed that the war was raging, and that the prophet Samuel was delaying to come over at the set time, he decided to offer a burnt offering to the Lord. It’s written that by doing that, he didn’t honor the command of the Lord. The consequences were that the kingdom under Saul wasn’t going to endure. Again, the Lord had already sought a man after his own heart. In this manner, the lord had already kept himself far away from Saul. This is because of impatience that saul had. What he had done to the Lord was unacceptable, abominable and full of iniquity. He showed lack of confidence in the Lord. This thing displeased the Lord greatly until the Lord made the prophet Samuel to be so much disturbed as well.

In Isaiah 59:2, the Bible records that our iniquities separate us from the Lord. Sin has created a wide gap between us and God. Remember, failure to take God’s instructions the way Saul did is sin. Many of us take little effort to try and find out what God wants us to do daily. We live a passive Christian life. We imagine that God knows us best even in our silence and even if we don’t pray, he already knows our problems and so will automatically solve them for us. Remember, God is a rewarder of those that seek him diligently (Hebrews 11:6). On the opposite, God doesn’t reward those who don’t seek him diligently. God stays far from those who don’t seek him. Draw near to him and he will draw near to you.

In the Book of John 14:23, Jesus Christ points out that His father, together with Christ himself will come and make a home to anyone who follows his commandments. In other words, God moves into the hearts of those who get devoted daily to worship him and to know his will in them. Those Christians who are obedient to God are the ones that God moves near. Jesus said (John 15:7)…if you abide in me and my word abides in you, you shall ask of anything and it shall be given to you. This primarily means that God moves near you when you move near him before anything else.

It’s unfortunate that majority of us Christians go to church only on a Sunday. Again, we only spend few minutes in church then we quickily leave. If the clergy man seems to be taking too long, then we just leave. We feel he is unfair to us. We don’t shelve other activities for another day….until Sunday, a special day for God, a day meant for worship of the Lord becomes part of the usual programs that we handle. We don’t rest our minds and body to allow God to repair them. We are busy making our minds and bodies busy. We think that by being busy, we make our lives better. Remember that God is not an option. If you were to choose between being busy and God, you would rather choose God. God is everything, including what you are busy looking for. If you have everything but without God, all is vanity. If all you have is nothing but God, then you have everything.

So, the arm of the Lord is not too short to bless. It’s us who have fallen short (Romans 3:23). The problem is not with God. The problem is with us human beings. When we are faced with a problem, that’s the moment we rush to God for help and pray like never before. We even cry before God. When God seems like he is delaying our answer, we feel he is unfair to us. We forget that the thinking of God is not our thinking (Isaiah 55:8). Sometimes I tend to think that God finds us to be foolish especially when we approach him only when we have problems. When we are satisfied with what he has given us, then we soon forget about him until the ‘next problem’. So, sometimes God uses problems to draw our attention to him. This is unfortunate.

Let God help me and you. Let him be near us all the time. But let’s be the ones to take his instructions first before he even comes into our lives. God is faithful. When you pray to him, he answers you. When you seek him, you find him (Isaiah 55:6).

This sunday, take his instructions. Follow his commandments. Then be sure that miracles will come into your life.

Wish you a happy Sunday.

Author: Chinua.


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