Seven nuggets of wisdom ( a three minutes read).


  • Nugget one.

Do not concentrate on problems that come into your life. Rather, focus on the achievement.

  • Nugget two.

The power behind any successful accomplishment is a heart whose flame can’t go off.

  • Nugget three.

When you do something with all your heart, it means you have made one decision only. No ambiguity.

  • Nugget four.

Growing old begins at the moment when one’s heart grows cold.

  • Nugget five.

The strongest personality is the one that humbles. The weakest personality is the one that is always strongly adamant.

  • Nugget six.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. God usually gets disturbed by the noise towards heaven, until he comes down on earth.

  • Nugget seven.

A diligent person rules the earth. He appears before kings and queens. A lazy person is ruled by the diligent. He lives in misery.



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