Do you think you are a success? Read this and find out…

#success is an inside story#

It’s always a success in learning to embrace the truth at all times. Acting, walking, showing and living the truth is never an overnight affair, neither is it ‘a single stone throw’ affair. It requires tremendous effort to stay afloat when it comes to the truth. The human mind has a habit of doing the masterly skill when it comes to anything. Therefore a person with good will teaches their mind the masterly skill of acquiring truth. After acquisition of the skill, the human mind will turn it into an unbreakable chain of a culture of truth for generations.


In this current society of uncertainties, you can’t operate your life with myriad of imaginations. Living a lie would really cost you. You have to find the positive meaning of everything and hold on it. Anyone who lays a foundation of whatever they do in life should remember that a good and true foundation will withstand any storey building.

At times inspirational men and women talk to us about best ways of living life. We ignore. We think that they are doing their theoretical assignment as usual yet they may be having divine message for us. We can’t live life as if we created ourselves. We were created by God. God gave instructions on how we should live. In fact, he categorized that there’s heaven and hell. Live negatively and wait for hell. Embrace the positivity and heaven is yours. Period.


Wise people live by what nature requires them to do within God’s norm. They humbly associate with people. They are generous to their friends. In addition, they are impeccable with their word. They know that obedience is better than sacrifice. They know that God exists and that they don’t want to question what he has created. They don’t show off. This is because they know and understand that whatever good they do in secret, God rewards them openly.


It’s easier to make mistakes. It’s easier to make someone suffer. It’s also easy to fail. The cost of success may be high at that very moment but the good side is that it’s usually paid once and for all. The cost of failure is long-term; always haunting. Never think of failure. Think success. Think truth. Think obedience. Think kindness. Think assistance. Think positively.

When you embrace the truth, you succeed in life. Success in life is more than physical property. It goes beyond the newest car that you drive or a five star hotel that you own. Living a lie is a way of making God to look foolish. Our God is the wisest remember.

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