For every action, there’s a reaction.

#the law of cause and effect#

#the law of attraction#

The law of cause and effect, as well as the law of attraction are among the greatest natural laws that teach how the universe responds to our lives.


Whenever you do something, a reaction always ensues. The reaction may be good or bad depending on what you do. If the deed is unacceptable, always expect a negative reaction. On the other hand, if the deed is welcoming, then the reaction will be so encouraging. Remember that nature has checks and balances. You can’t commit an offence and run away without judgement. If men cannot see what you do in secret, then God can see. You can’t cheat God.

Do not be cheated. Let me re-emphasize. You can never do something, an act and then go free without being held accountable. This is natural law….that you attract who you are. If you are mischievous, then of course mischief is your brother or sister. Committing a crime attracts a criminal in you. Stealing brands you ‘thief’.

The essence of this post is that we shouldn’t ignore what we do and say. Believe me that the large portion of the feedback we individually receive is a reflection of what we do and say or how we react towards people and/or the environment.


When someone has a harsh character in them, then most people wouldn’t prefer associating with them. Most people would love to associate with people who are polite and humble or accommodative. People who have a poor attitude towards everyone remain alone. They suffer loneliness. A poor attitude is a likening to the spirit of rejection. People reject someone who rejects them.

When you rattle a snake, it can bite you. When you hit somebody without reason, they are likely to hit you back. When you shout at someone in their face, they are likely to shout back! When you injure someone who has no strength, such that they can’t injure you back, then God intervenes on their behalf in the quest for their justice.


When you cheer others up, they are likely to cheer you up. When you visit those who are sick in hospital, they are likely to visit you when you are on the hospital bed. When you help someone in times of need, you have high chances of being helped when you are in need. When others feel better because of you, you feel better for having made them feel better. For every action, there’s a reaction.

When you organize a conspiracy to someone, know that you stand high chances of being conspired. When you kill someone, you enter into trouble that may make you regret forever.

So, where do you stand? You know yourself. Do you think the reaction you have had in your life is a good one? If yes then that’s alright. But if no, then check your actions. I need to mention that there’s nothing for free. Even actions are weighed by God and repayment is made by him. If God finds that the actions are evil, then he avenges but if he finds everything in order, he rewards accordingly.

Live your life carefully. A care less life, free from worries doesn’t mean a careless life. Use your tongue cautiously. Speak impeccably. Consult where necessary. Don’t just wake up and hit the nail with the hammer without confirming where the nail is being fixed. You may really be surprised. I would that you don’t live in resentment. Read this post and think about your actions carefully. Remember, there’s always room for change. It’s never too late. Thank you.



8 thoughts on “For every action, there’s a reaction.

  1. I’m American, just in case this might be a cultural thing…

    We are in the midst of a crisis. Our society says that it isn’t wrong, it isn’t evil, it isn’t corrupt UNLESS YOU GET CAUGHT, and then if you appeal to the evil which is so rampant in the society, you might get off even so.

    For instance: If you are unfaithful to your spouse, it might be OK because you’re just being you…and he or she married you. Your spouse knew what he or she was getting into, right? It’s just a physical thing.

    If you are assaulting people or murdering people, it might be OK because you’re assaulting or murdering bad people. Look at the TV shows that say precisely that. Look at how popular movies are that have that plot line. The bad guys kill innocent people, and the good guys kill bad guys.

    If you stand up for those being oppressed, you’re likely to have a backlash of people attacking you or harassing you. You might be arrested, beaten up, murdered. If you’re sending food and medicine to the poor and the refugees, you can expect it to be confiscated or stolen. If you are kind to people, they may take advantage of you and clean out your bank account. If you stand up for the law, you may be murdered by cops. This type of reaction causes people to discard the very action that make a society work: caring for someone other than yourself. People will throw up their hands and say, “Everyone for himself! I’m in this for me now. I’ll do what it takes to make sure I win.”

    That means that if you do help people, and stand up for truth and justice you may be doing it on your own. And yet…people continue to help and stand up for good. The reaction may not be immediate, be it positive or negative, and in this instant world, people may not wait to see it. Do good anyway. It’s the right thing to do. It’s what God has created us to do.

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    1. Rebecca, I get your point. My comment is that such trend in the society that you have mentioned rob the society its natural grace. I like your observations and assertions. If you get a chance to do good, then do it. I have borrowed this statement from your last words in the very last paragraph above. I agree with you. Thanks for sharing your observations, thoughts and views.


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