The credibility test in leadership.




It’s not incredible that majority of leaders across the world fail. It’s not surprising when leaders fail. It just confirms they are human. They can make mistakes. This is often an occurrence.

Leadership is a mixture of mistakes or failure and success. Believe me.

When the successes outweigh mistakes or failure, then that leadership is full of competence. But incompetence is when mistakes become the order of the day…including the obvious ones. At times, mistakes are attracted by the unwillingness to accept advice and/or consultation such that decisions remain unilateral providing a narrow window for detecting any bad outcome or unseen forces of the decisions made.

Mistakes in leadership cost the followers…..

The credibility test in leadership is governed by integrity. The value of a leader lies in the ability to show honesty at all costs. This includes the ability to speak and act the truth.

Negative forces in leadership make a leader to be found in scandals. If able to withstand these negative forces, a leader will automatically reflect an accountable and positive credibility test. He will therefore win the trust and loyalty of his followers.

The power to show honesty comes from repeated right practice. One of the virtues that can cultivate honesty in a leader is doing things right. This means that at all costs, a good leader strives to do what their policy advocates for. Going out of way from the policy guideline is a bad practice, and so a vice. Here, outcomes may attract punishment including loss of leadership position.

Emotional intelligence belongs to a few rightfully placed leaders. This aspect of emotional intelligence greatly affects judgement. The ability to judge rightly results from the ability to guard one’s emotions fully. Maturity demands that emotions should be snugly nested in their habitation and are only released when time and situation allows. Otherwise throwing tantrums like a toddler when you are expected to behave calmly denies the followers an opportunity to build confidence in whomever is leading them.

To sum up, a good leader is one who is well seasoned. One who has gone through dark and bright moments, cold and hot seasons. This is a leader who has stood the test of time. He has gone through the wilderness well enough and knows what it means by tough and soft moments. Such a leader creates high chances of passing the credibility test.

It’s unfortunate that many young leaders get excited about leadership and leading but do not take enough time to get experience before they start their leadership journey. Missing an opportunity like the one of going through the wilderness may leave them emotionally unstable. During tough moments, and while leading, they may not stand the credibility test of leadership. Eventually, they terribly affect results and harm their followers, directly or indirectly.

If you are a leader, or aspiring to be one, the question about honesty is the critical one of all the other questions. Kindly put that in mind.

Thank you.



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