Mistakes are part of human existence. Human beings are never perfect. They make mistakes at some point in life.

It’s a mistake to think that mistakes are not part of us. It’s not a mistake to make a mistake. It’s a mistake to imagine that one can never make mistakes.

For once, a mistake is acceptable as a learning ground. Twice the same mistake is a grave mistake. Failure is when you fail again. Success is when you learn that failure is a teaching ground for success. A mistake is when you don’t use failure for advancement.


You don’t need a mistake to make another mistake. You only need a chance. Some mistakes are good because they make us aware of our weaknesses. So learn to appreciate mistakes if they help you understand who you are.

Other mistakes plunge us into graves. We die because of them. Our destiny is cut off because of them. They can make us live in resentment. Some people end up regretting.

It’s important that we watch out what we do daily. I agree in part that there are some mistakes that can be done because of unseen forces in one’s life. But on the other hand, there are ‘silly’ or obvious mistakes which one can avoid in life. For example failing to hit a deadline for no good reason at all when you have been given double grace period to accomplish a given task.

Human weaknesses can make one vulnerable to mistakes. Chances are high that you will make mire mistakes than someone who has few weaknesses. Therefore it’s imperative that we work on our weaknesses. The way we behave and carry out before others and even before ourselves speaks volumes about chances for mistakes whether grave or minor ones.

Watch out your behavior. Shape your thinking. Organize your life. Work on your inside, then your outside. Success is an inside story.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.



4 thoughts on “Mistakes.

  1. Benardchinua, your message is extremely inspiring. Sometimes as a fellow human being, i too forget that we can make mistakes. As a fellow human being, i tend to avoid mistakes, in the face of thinking of trying to not get judged by others and that inside desire to be a perfectionist. Like you said, that to not make a mistake, it is unimaginable, because we are human beings. You really took your time to spread such a lovely message, I am looking forward to read more of your writings. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I hope to take your message on board to my life.

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