The power behind forgiving.


It’s not so easy to forgive someone who has done wrong to you. It’s also not easy to forget all that someone did to you especially the evil deeds. Human nature has revealed that a natural man would want to revenge of the bad deeds done to them. The natural man must revenge.

At some point, revenge makes somebody to quickly feel relieved. It quenches the bad feeling in somebody’s heart. Revenge creates peace, but a temporary one. Revenge can also have very bad effect that accompanies it.
In addition, the urge to act out of impulse is a common occurrence among most people especially the young ones who are in leadership. They can’t resist the urge to punish those below them without delay or as quickly as possible. The young leaders have been found to be quick in judgement and with the power to hit back so that they can be respected or be given all the attention. An old person who is experienced in leadership would tell you that such decisions end up hurting the one who is revenging, either directly or indirectly, afterwards. The best decision would be to leave it all to nature so that the natural judgement can act on the matter.


Majority of people in the world would feel that they should avenge of any wrongdoing to their said adversaries. Forgiveness wouldn’t be their first option especially if they feel that what was done to them was so unbearable. According to them, they wouldn’t wish to see the ‘enemy’ going away unhurt. So, they may feel that all the evil deeds will hurt them and instead they would revenge to make themselves feel better.


But let’s think carefully today about the power behind forgiving. As I had said earlier, it’s not easy to forgive. But suppose you developed a mind of forgiveness, what benefit can you get? This question will help us to understand why we need to forgive as well as the power behind forgiving. In Christian terms, one of the most preached topics that Jesus Christ emphasized is forgiveness. So, why the emphasis? Below are the reasons why we need to consider the option of forgiveness;

  • When you forgive someone, your heart attains peace because you drop off the burden of thinking about them all the time.
  • Forgiveness can make the person who wronged you to feel sorry and apologize.
  • When you forgive others, God forgives you.
  • A wise way of working out things is to leave the matter for God to deal with it. This way, you completely feel relieved.
  • Forgiveness creates room for doing other things that you wouldn’t have done if you got preoccupied by your situation at hand.

Remember that forgiveness is a virtue. Don’t always pay back for wrongs done to you. Don’t hit back. It doesn’t pay. It only creates more burden on your side. Taking a lot of time planning for revenge is the worst option ever. When you forgive, people respect you. God respects you too.


Revenge has never been a better option. Don’t you know that the person who hurts you today can rescue you tomorrow?…Or the person who sounds like an ‘enemy’ today can become your friend tomorrow? Think about it.

Thank you.

Enjoy your day.



9 thoughts on “The power behind forgiving.

  1. When you forgive, it’s best you forget. It’s no longer in your hands but with the Father in Heaven. Have been reading and listening to sermons and preachings bout forgiveness. It’s a powerful tool we should all embrace. No matter what someone do to us. We should forgive and move on

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    1. Forgive but don’t forget or one could abuse you again. Forgiveness takes the burden off of the offended (and rightly places it in God’s hands). The space created by forgiveness allows the “abused” to breathe, smile, and live once again. Unforgiveness does not hurt the abuser. God does not ask us to do anything to help our fellow man; God loves us so much that he points out what we can do to be free from the poison of unforgiveness… to make room then in our hearts to love all the more.

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