The ten common weaknesses of a human being.



It’s normal to talk about weaknesses. During an interview, I realized that the hardest question to any interviewee is that of telling the interviewers their (the interviewee’s) weaknesses. I think it’s probably because weaknesses degrade our moral picture or our standards that we have set in life. The standards may relate to work, family, spirituality, or social network in general. I am convinced that only a few people in the world would want to talk about their own weaknesses without coercion. Most people would like to associate themselves with their strength rather than weaknesses. This may not be surprising. It is because associating with a good side is part of the human nature, the innate tendencies and the sincere humanity that God put inside everyone.


There are common weaknesses that human beings possess. These weaknesses are a common occurrence. The good side about them is that they can be corrected. They include:

  • Hurting others.

Some people are fond of making sure that people near or around them pass through problems in one way or another. They cause heartache to them without regret.

  • Immense anger

This is a big weakness. Some people even cry because of anger. Others can go for several days without food because of anger in their heart. Too much anger can kill.

  • Lack of focus.

This explains well, people who do anything, anytime, everywhere they go. They never have a specific purpose to give account for. They are like a wind sock or a wind vane; always pointing to the direction the wind blows.

  • Coveting

Admiring other people’s money or property or anything even when you have one. This is somebody who is never gratified by their own desire. Such people are never settled in life. They have no contentment.

  • Being rash

Too quick. Can’t think before acting. This is the type of person who makes many mistakes, even the obvious ones and ends up in resentment.

  • Procrastination

Delay in accomplishing tasks. Leads to backlog, then inefficiency.

  • Cheating

This is the type of person who always has an answer to every question but the answers are usually wrong ones. A cheating person has a habit of putting people in an awkward situation. He makes people to believe wrong things.

  • Back biting

Talking on the backs of others. Don’t ever believe such people because they are likely to talk to others about you as well.

  • Arguing.

These are the type that never listen. They would instead want to talk to justify their point. They will always make sure that they win.

  • Laziness

They never try anything new. Or if they do, only for a short while then all sorts of excuses begin. They see mole hills as big mountains. They see rain as storm and hot sunshine as a drought spell.


Weaknesses can be corrected. They can also be turned into fortune. Nobody is perfect and this is the reason why having a weakness is not surprising. You only need to understand yourself then work out the mess inside you.

Today, look at the areas in your life that sound weak and work on them. You will realize that your life will start changing for good.

Thank you.



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