Always learn to move on in life…




There’s life in motion. This is practically true. Any stagnation in life….whatsoever stagnation it is, creates a backlog, jam and eventually death as a result of failure of movement or progress altogether. Life has to go on. It’s normal to stand up and try to catch up after a disaster. It’s not advisable to stand at the scene without moving on, crying out the mess. The ability to cope up with life rests in the art of resilience, persistence and putting things into motion. Moving on remember, doesn’t mean quitting. It means taking the right bold steps that try to offer a solution.

Remember that the sun will never fail to rise up in the morning and set down in the evening. The moon and the stars will never fail to take over at night. God has set nature on its path. It will never wait for you. You have to catch up with it. You can’t manipulate it. You can’t fool nature. Nature represents God. So always learn to move on. God is never stagnant. His mercies are always new every morning.



A river is always in motion. It never stops. Its water is usually fresh. It’s also cold with breeze. A river has life. The oxygen content in it is high and so offers life to aquatic creatures.


A pond has stagnant water that quickly becomes stale, with foul odour. Life in a pond is limited. This is because there’s less oxygen for aquatic life. Most biological matter is rotten.

So in life, it depends on where and who you are. Where areĀ  you now? Are you a river or a pond? Are you in the stagnation phase or the phase of movement?

Most people who stagnate in life spend a lot of time crying over what can’t be recollected. They live life in the past. They don’t move on. They don’t learn lessons from past happenings. They hold onto what can’t help them. They then develop resentment in life.

The ability to move on despite difficulties is what makes the difference between a successful person and a failure. It’s also what reveals the mental strength among personalities.

Seeing good in every bad situation means appreciating nature the way it is. God is perfect in everything. Nature represents God.

Everyone is on a journey. Stopping on the way will never make one to reach home.

Thank you for reading this post.



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