Where does your confidence come from?




Where does your confidence come from? Where do you always turn for help or hope at all times? What makes you have strength all the time? What do you trust in, that makes you feel bold?

These are good questions. May be you can try answering them and see. Good life requires that we develop confidence that can take us in and out of season. Some people develop confidence in the material things. This is good but very risky because one may quickly become hopeless when the material things fade away. Also, material things may not bring a full sense of satisfaction.


When a man kneels before God, he can stand before men…according to one of the renown authors. This means that the primary confidence in God generates secondary confidence before men. The confidence God gives someone is better than the confidence found in idols, people (God fathers and mothers) or material possessions.

Life goes on in all seasons. Whether you are tempted up to the point of death or not, life has to go on. This can also mean that the confidence we need to develop should be one that doesn’t fade away so that we can live life round the calendar. This kind of confidence is given by God. When you trust God fully, your heart is invested in him.


Sometimes men can let you down. Again, confidence in men is temporary because the person you depend on for boldness can pass on and so you remain alone or they can change their mind. Material possessions such as a car, house, flats and property in general are temporary. Anything can happen to those possessions. So if you attach your heart fully to such possessions, you risk your life because the moment you lose them, all the confidence flees. Maturity requires that a person should be able to stand when they lose their valuable possessions. Losing property doesn’t necessarily translate into losing life. Life has to continue. In addition, maturity is when you behave the same when you are given power. You should be yourself and be a realistic personality. Power should not change you at all costs. Remember, God doesn’t change.

So, where does your confidence come from?

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