Why your heart is important than anything else…


The rhythm of the heart is normally determined by the pacemaker cells in the Sino Atrial Node (S.A.N). In others words, the normal heart rhythm is the sinus rhythm. This rhythm is scheduled in synchronization with the heart chambers to deliver and receive blood regularly…without delay or haste. With the sinus rhythm, everything is normal within the body. I mean, all organs function normally and perfectly.

A change in the heart rhythm can be either a slow pace or fast pace. This change is referred to as arrhythmias. The heart can either slow down its activities…for particular reasons, or pump faster than the normal heart rate and rhythm. Either of these changes is not good health. It means disease is imminent.


One of the things that can change your heart rate and rhythm is worry. When you get worried, adrenaline content in blood is increased. Sustained apprehension causes an increase in your blood pressure. This causes the heart to pump faster than the normal heart rate and rhythm. You develop hypertension. High blood pressure affects the functionality of all other organs in the body. Eventually the heart fails because it gets tired. So, the heart fails together with all other organs.

Again, among the things that can slow down your heart rate is untreated depression…that has taken some time. You become dull and lose interest in the environment. Life becomes tasteless. Organ wise, the metabolism reduces. The heart rhythm goes lower and the heart can fail eventually.


So, in summary, other parts of the body depend on the state of your heart. If the heart is ailing, other organs follow suit. When you take care of your heart, you preserve all other organs. If you are fond of worry, it’s high time you looked for a solution.

Whenever we are faced with trouble, we act in different ways. I appreciate everyone for that. But from today, know that every moment your heart goes out of rhythm, then you are rendering the other organs sick. Take care of your heart. It’s important than anything else.

Thank you.



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