It matters little how you look like…(take a minute and read this)

#God’s creation#

It doesn’t matter much how you look like. God doesn’t award people gifts based on their looks. God is a great personality full of wisdom. Gifts are neither for the rich nor poor only. God determines everything.

You may be short or tall, lean or plumb, dark skinned or light skinned. But it doesn’t guarantee that you are a good person that people can look up to. You may be tall but fail to reach their heights (expectations).

Remember, it’s God’s spirit that makes somebody complete. God has a good spirit. Therefore whoever possesses his spirit is a wise and good person. When God blesses us, he doesn’t do so just because we have good looks. He does bless us according to his will and purpose.


The ultimate point in life is when God takes over after your death. Judgement is for all. No one is perfect. God gave us bodies to use them to carry his spirit within them. He didn’t give us bodies to makes us feel justified over others.

Good character will make people to see you as beautiful or handsome. Poor character will make people associate you with ugliness. Foolishness is not related to bodily appearances but to the poor spirit inside someone. A foolish person is deemed wise when they are quiet until they start speaking.

Most of us do not spend time shaping our character. This is unfortunate. In most cases, people accommodate us when our character is welcoming.


So, it matters little how you look like. It matters a lot who you are. Most importantly, it matters most when God is part of you in everything you do.

Thanks for reading this post.



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