The greatest and noble gift.



The greatest and noble gift on earth is helping people to meet their needs particularly those who have nothing in life. This also goes alongside the gift of giving people encouragement and telling them good news. It’s a noble cause to be a source of healing and encouragement to others.


The greatest gift on planet earth is being a source of life to others at some point instead of being a source of misfortune or death to them.

Nobility has all aspects of giving out to people and expecting nothing in return.


To make people see God in everything is a very great gift. The power to be generous and liberal is what we need to have. This is a natural law provided to us by God.

I keep on mentioning that for us to change our lives, we need to change the lives of others. In other words, we blossom fully when other people’s lives blossom fully. This is the law of cause and effect. It’s also the law of give and take.

Life is all about reciprocation. This is true because;

  • When you give, you receive.
  • The measure you give is the measure you get.
  • When you smile at somebody, they are likely to smile back.
  • When you make people happy, you become happy.
  • Consequently, when others succeed because of you, you become a success.
  • Whatever you sow, expect a harvest.
  • When you give yourself into prayer, you receive from God.



The feelings you generate around your environment affect all that are around you. Positive feelings affect the environment positively. Negative feelings affect the environment negatively.

I believe this post has been a blessing to you. Always trust in God. Never doubt him. That will be a very big mistake you ever did in life.



5 thoughts on “The greatest and noble gift.

  1. I like your thoughts here, Benardchinua. One thing I have come to believe is that helping others does not have to be a sacrificial thing for us. If we each develop ourselves and our talents that we’ve received from God, our “gifts” will also help the world. If we’re writers, write. If we’re artists, paint. If we’re doctors, heal. Through developing ourselves as God wishes, we influence and help countless others. When we’re in touch with ourselves, we’re connected to God-Within, and great things come of this. I like your sentiments and wanted to suggest this point, as well, because people may feel that we have to deny ourselves to help others and that is not always the case. Would you agree?

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    1. I totally agree with your thoughts. I like your idea about being connected to ‘God within’. I can add that God gave us life for free. We don’t buy life from him. He gives us freely. So, if he has given us gifts, what loss do we incur when we serve others freely? No loss at all. If anything, God is the rewarder of those who make him happy….by serving others freely.


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