The road to heaven.


What comes to your mind when somebody mentions ‘heaven’?

Perhaps a bliss, peaceful environment, nice looking scene, beautiful to look at and much more. That’s true according to what the Bible presents in the Christian realm.

But have you ever thought carefully about the road that takes you to heaven? Maybe yes, maybe no. Well, it matters a lot for us to understand that the road to heaven has so many challenges and if one is not steady or have never had any experience on the same, then they are likely to give up on the way.

The road to heaven requires people who have very strong faith for them to journey on…because so many obstacles usually emerge as a threat to block you from reaching your wonderful home.

The road to heaven may not be as smooth as many of us think. The journey on that road may take you days and nights at times…or even forces may knock you off the road if you are a weakling in believing and trusting God. In this post, when I say heaven, I mean the biblical heaven…the one stated in the Bible, or other, like your dream land, or something you have always wished to achieve in life. Something which, when you achieve, then you really feel you have made it.

It’s very much possible that the road to heaven has:

  • Bumps


Always observe matters that can throw you up and down in life, lest you give up on everything. Cushion your seat always.

  • Sharp bend


You need to approach matters amicably otherwise you can be arm twisted or be thrown off balance or you can hit a snag altogether.

  • Potholes


When life hits you with downfalls, look for shock absorbers. Faith is one key shock absorber. Falling and rising can be part of the journey. Be prepared.

  • Steep slope


Don’t always hurry when things happen so fast in life. Be on watch out. On the other side, accelerate your vehicle when things seem slow. Prayer is the accelerator. Don’t be slow when facing uphill task.

  • No tarmack.


This is a rough road. Take care of the dust, pebbles and sometimes mud. Always understand the situation you are in and tackle things as they happen or as they come.

  • Bridge



A bridge connects your road to the other side. Prayer is a bridge. It connects you with God’s spirit. Again, relationships in life are important because they bridge people.

  • Narrow



Know how to spend less in times of economic despair. Be patient with life during ‘narrow’ or ‘in limitation’ moments.

  • No road signs


Sometimes nobody helps you to achieve your goal. You have to learn and master everything yourself. Just keep on moving and everything will make sense later on.

  • Heavy traffic.


In life, sometimes everyone wants what you want. Everyone is on the same road, driving like you. Keep focus. You have your chance on the road. Make sure you keep on moving.

  • No traffic lights.


Be sure that at times you need to use your’sixth sense’. Intuition is very important. Don’t hurry, lest you plunge into a river!

The road to heaven belongs to those who are courageous, industrious, unyielding, unwavy, strong, optimistic and unstoppable. Among these vocabularies, which one is your slogan?



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