Ten (10) lessons to learn from A river.

We can draw analogy from a river, the God’s creation and apply it in our lives.


You will agree with me that;

  • Rivers never go reverse.

People who go forward never fail to succeed.

  • A river follows a course.

Life is full of instructions. Be obedient.

  • A river can dry up.

Bad and good situations happen in our lives. Life can change.

  • A river can carry lots of dirt with it.

It depends. You can choose to be valuable or valueless.

  • A river doesn’t stop.

There’s life in motion.

  • A river can join another river to make one big river.

Team effort leads to tremendous success.

  • A river has an inlet.

Everyone has a resource. This varies individually.

  • A river provides water for farming, fishing and swimming.

Develop corporate social responsibility.

  • A river can be deep or shallow

Wisdom is a fountain. But how rooted are you?

  • A river can swell its banks and burst.

Too much of something is poisonous. Be modest.



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