The test of Patience.

I have come to realize that among the greatest tests in life is the test of Patience. In this write-up, I want to call it ‘The waiting period’.

There’s no difficult moment for a human being in life like the moment of waiting. From observation, many people find it hard when they are told to wait. This is not surprising to me because I have come to learn that most of us have the nature hood of impatience that controls the inside of us.

To say it further, most of us act out of impulse. We feel we should be doing whatever we want to do ‘just now’. At times we don’t think of the consequences that ensue that act. This is because the impulse overrides our conscious mind and makes us act without thinking.


Failure to exercise patience leads to wrong choices and so, wrong results in life.

Patience is a virtue. Those who have it prosper.

One of the supernatural answers from God during prayer is ‘Wait’. According to him, he wants you to allow him prepare something better for you than hurrying him up to give you what you want. If you become impatient with God, he finds you undeserving of his gifts.

Good things come to those are on the run. Better things to those who are fond of instant results. But best things come to those who wait.

One of the trying moments in life is ‘Waiting upon the Lord’ to meet the desires of your heart. During this period, the days seem so long sometimes and one may develop a feeling that things may not turn out as expected. But God is nature, and nature can’t lie. You receive your reward afterwards.


I have highlighted below, the experiences that most people have shared while going through trying moments that involved a period of waiting;

  • Doubt starts taking over when there are no physical results of whatever one is waiting for.
  • Complains start increasing.
  • Some start going for the second option.
  • Others break down and cry.
  • Yet others develop so much tension within them.
  • Worry gets founded within someone until they don’t eat.
  • Focus shifts and difficulties start being enumerated physically.
  • Many advisors step in and own a stake in the matter (many cooks spoil the broth).
  • Fall for anything because of desperation.
  • The spirit of giving up.

I don’t know what you have ever gone through. And I don’t know which experience…probably among the above that you have ever gone through. What I know is that patience pays. It’s even said so. Know, in addition that patience pays and also compensates.

Patience enables one to make the best decisions because of clarity of mind. Patience is what gives you better results…or a better blessing. It’s true that hurry hurry has no blessing. It’s also equally true that patience has a blessing.

Whatever you are waiting for, always have courage to continue waiting. Don’t be discouraged. God doesn’t lie. Believe in God as you wait. You shall receive it.

Thanks for reading this post. Be free to share with others.



3 thoughts on “The test of Patience.

  1. Thanks. Waiting for a court decision has tested my patience more than anything else I’ve experienced. The process is interminably slow and takes years if not months. I want the matter all sorted out there and then at the first meeting. When that doesn’t happen, I go through all the negative experiences you’ve listed. I asked myself yesterday, “Why is this happening to me? What good is there in any of it?” I decided it is just a test of my patience to make me a stronger person and that what I should do is work harder in focusing on NOW, and enjoying NOW, so that it is not waiting at all.

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    1. SAORSA, I have read and understood your case. It’s really a tempting one in terms of Patience. I had written an article sometime back on the importance of difficult times. I have come to learn that patience is a wilderness but it usually comes to pass. Focus on that day when you will hear the judge announcing that your case has ended. It will come to pass.

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