After you achieve what you have been toiling for…

It’s important to achieve the goal in anything that you pursue in life. If you don’t achieve intended results, you may end up a frustrated person.

Failure should not make one to give up on achieving their goal in life. Failure is simply an indication that you didn’t do well and so you need to revise your course and repeat the process.

The moment you give up on something, your nerves get tired. You start  feeling that you wasted time and countenance falls on your face. You may live forlornly afterwards and this usually not the best life for achievers.

Why do you need to be an achiever? This good question helps you and me to know and understand the following;

  • When you achieve a goal, happiness overrides all your feelings. You then forget all the pain that you went through.
  • After achievement, even the public will look for you, including the press because you will be the hero of the moment.
  • Tears of pain are turned into tears of joy.
  • You become a role model to many. People will admire you and aspire to become like you.
  • Your mind and body realises that you can make it and so the body systems get rejuvenated for the better.


It’s not in the strength that one becomes an achiever. It’s in their mindset.

Determination is an ingredient that spices the formula for achievement.

The opposite of achievement is failure. Remember, failure is an option. It’s also not a mistake to fail. Most failures have made it in life. Why not you?After you achieve what you have been toiling for, your competitors and even your enemies become your friends. You start controlling their world. It equally means you become a king or a queen in their eyes.

Thank you for reading this post.Chinua….


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