Living wisely (a must read).


This post is much more meaningful to you. Please take a few  minutes and read.


To live wisely is to;

Make sure that your relationship with God is binding at all times.

Relate with people well in life.

Create peace for yourself and others.

Choose knowledge instead of foolishness.

Be generous and not selfish.

Appreciate the strength and weaknesses of other people.

Be humble and not proud.


Remember that;

Life is more than eating, drinking and sleeping.

You are not an island. You can’t live on your own. You need others.

Cheering others helps you to cheer yourself

When you pray for others, your doors open automatically.

When you hurt others, God feels hurt.

When you tell the truth, your heart remains at peace.

Miracles belong to those who dare take a step to act.


Living wisely is seeking God to know what he wants you to do in life.

Living wisely means knowing when to say a word and when to refrain. Being impeccable with your word.

Seeking knowledge and heaping it in the head doesn’t translate into wise living. Living wisely is when you consider how that knowledge can be used rightly to result into wisdom.

Living wisely is when you serve people, above all manner of services. It’s when your presence brings healing to the people around you.



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