Five lessons we can learn from a cockroach…


Lesson One

A cockroach likes hiding in the dark places. It’s mostly found on wall cracks or crevices.


How do you usually handle yourself? Do you like caging yourself? That’s what the cockroach does.

Lesson Two

A cockroach is always on the run when it’s exposed into light. It hurries towards darkness.


There are people who behave the same way. They don’t want to socialize in broad daylight. They are eventually turned into introverts.

Lesson Three

A cockroach feeds on the leftovers. It depends mostly on what has been left or fallen on the ground.


You don’t need to eat leftovers for you to survive. Always look for your original food. Be true to yourself and hold your own values.

Lesson Four

A cockroach can run in circles sometimes. It goes forward very fast but circumnavigates to the original source.


Some people will never accomplish anything because they keep on running in circles. They eventually end up failing.

Lesson Five

A cockroach cannot die easily. You can step on it thinking that it’s dead, but it isn’t. It survives and moves forward even without one wing.

dragonfly-insect-animal-wing.jpgDon’t suffer in silence just because you can survive like a cockroach that walks with one wing. Know your rights.

Have a pleasant evening.



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