Perception…(a short story).

This is a story about a friend of mine called Jack whom we had never met for a couple of years.

Jack and I met recently after a long while. He was on his way home for holidays. It just happened that we bumped into each other in town when I had gone to repair my acoustic guitar.

One thing I quickly noticed about him when I looked directly into his eyes was that his countenance had greatly fallen and so he looked so discouraged. I developed an interest concerning how he looked and so I asked him on point why he looked so discouraged. He told me “you know what Chinua?. Life is so hard on me. In fact everything has become difficult for me”.

I suggested to him that we sit down in a restaurant and talk for a few minutes before he journeys home. I counseled him. I told him that life is hard or easy depending on how you perceive it. That no situation in life goes without lessons, and that nothing is permanent. That he only needed to always see what to do in every situation and to stay positive always.

I noticed that he was ready to argue against my thinking…and actually we argued. I became patient. We talked until our throats ran dry. He told me all sorts of things he had gone through but I kept on counseling him. Afterwards, he suggested that we take a cup of coffee. I agreed. After we had taken, I paid for it. He looked surprised.

We were supposed to leave then. He looked straight into my eyes and said “Chinua, I think you are right. Am sorry for behaving badly before your presence. I have noticed you have a very good perception of everything including my argumentative nature. Thanks so much. I realize I need to change my thinking”. He then begged to leave because of time but promised to keep in touch with me.

I went back home delighted. In a synchronized manner, he called me afterwards, very delighted also. So both of us were delighted in the end.

(End of the story).

I believe that this post has made you and me to learn something important. Let’s share our thoughts about this.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post.



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