The triangle of attitude, gratitude and altitude (a 3 minute read).




There’s a very strong and binding relationship between attitude, gratitude and altitude.

To begin with, your attitude has a strong influence on your gratitude. In simple terms, how you appreciate things in your life is basically determined by your attitude (how you look at them). If you have a bad attitude, you may not appreciate anything, including that which is good. You may look at things negatively and may never build a positive mind in the long run. The resultant fact may be that a poor gratitude will ensue.

How high you go in life in terms of prosperity is similar to altitude. People who prosper in life have a good attitude. They appreciate everything in their lives. They develop their minds positively and in the long run, good opportunities come their way. So, their good attitude flies them up into a high altitude.

In addition, it’s not in the abilities of someone that determine how high they can fly. It’s in their attitude. Once the attitude is bad, even if they are experts in a certain specialty, chances for them to fly high and shine will slim up.

Again, your gratitude determines your altitude. Good and appreciative character creates room for prosperity (in other words creates opportunities for growth……a high altitude).

These are some of the simple intangible verb based words that we sometimes ignore, yet they add a huge value into our lives all round.

I believe this post has helped you realize that the three elements (attitude, altitude and gratitude) are very much intertwined and that we therefore need to be careful when reacting to situations or evn handling people because one of those elements can affect all the other elements.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post.



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