Don’t ever be selfish…

Selfishness is not a virtue. It’s a vice. It’s also a bad attitude. Selfishness may also be equated to living negatively among people.

The opposite of selfishness is generosity. A selfish person holds everything to themselves. They can’t share what they have. A generous person on the other hand is liberal. Always willing to give and even lend for free.

A selfish person is mean. He is a miser. It’s not unusual that they end up in misery or live miserably.

God is not selfish. So a selfish person possesses a spirit that is ungodly.

The bottom line of this post is that when you become selfish in life, you close many doors for yourself and for others. When you are laid in the grave when your day comes, you go down with all the opportunities that you didn’t activate. You therefore do not leave a legacy.

Once you develop a habit of being selfish, God denies you his favor. You no longer become a favored child of God. This is because God finds it difficult to use you to bless other people’s lives.

People who are mean or selfish live life below par. This I mean, they don’t achieve excellence. They remain in mediocrity. They spend most of their lives settling their troubles and therefore have no time for excellence.

If you are reading this post, you know yourself. This post is just meant to bring more insight into generosity versus selfishness.

If God was selfish, he would have denied you all that you are possessing now.

I urge you to be generous. Help others when you can. Don’t withhold your hand where help is due. The society needs your contribution.

Thanks for reading this post.



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