7 (Seven) tips on how to live in the present.

Living in the present is an art. Everyone can do it but in different style. All of us are capable of enjoying every moment that we live in. Lack of information on how to do that however makes us behave differently in different situations in life.

It’s not advisable to live in the past. The past is gone. You can only draw lessons from whatever happened or whatever you went through. Otherwise you may find yourself living in resentment.

The following tips may suggestively help you live in the present. They are not universal though but I am sure they are relevant. Please take a few minutes and have a look..

  • Make sure that everyday of your life is enjoyable and live like it’s the last day of your life.
  • Focus on what is important only. Leave the past and less important matters for another day.
  • Laugh often and smile at everybody every time you are with them.
  • Pray daily and make sure you appreciate God for everything every minute of your life.
  • Train your mind to forget yesterday’s successes and failures and focus on what is happening in the present environment.
  • Get out and talk to people. The best way to cheer yourself is to cheer others.
  • Create time for enough sleep and make sure your mind is sober always.

Enjoy your day.

Thank you.



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